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More OC from Maspa.


I woke up in a completely dark room. There is just one lit area, and one chair. I sat down in the chair to catch my breath, although I’m not sure what made me run out of breath. I can’t remember how I got in here, but I have a feeling I’m going to be stuck for a while. Once I caught my breath, I began searching the room for an exit. The first thing I would have to do is find a wall so that I can find a door.

I begin walking in one direction in hopes of running into the wall. I walked into the darkness, and I shouldn’t have done that. Suddenly, I felt an extreme chill. It’s colder than I’ve ever been in my entire life now, and I’m overcome with an absolute sadness, hopelessness, and depression. I keep on walking, tears welling up in my eyes and feeling like falling to the ground and crying until I die of exhaustion. I suddenly see a familiar single lit area and chair. I ran toward it, and embraced its warmth.

The sadness was gone, and I suddenly got wet, as if ice was melting off of me. I’m thankful that I never found the wall; my depression probably would have driven me to slam my head into it until I died. It just then hit me, though, that I had never turned around. I walked into the darkness and came out of the other side of the room. I’m depressed again, but fortunately it isn’t nearly as bad as the reasonless depression that I hit when I wandered into the darkness. If I want to find an exit, I’ll have to enter the darkness again at some point. I suddenly felt as if I was suffocating. My vision turned completely black as I grabbed at my throat, trying to get oxygen, but to no avail. I black out.

I wake up in a dark room. There is only one lit area, and one chair. I sit down in the chair to catch my breath, although I’m not sure what made me run out of breath…