Author's note: The Ruins is a story about a man awaking, not knowing who he is or why he is there as he progresses down the mysterious place. Where is he? Heaven? Hell? Earth?

Water dripped onto my forehead.

I sat up looking up at the overcast sky, not much light could get through the dark grey clouds.

I climbed to my feet, seeing nothing around me, just the dead soil with cracks in it and some small patches of dead grass. The green was faded away leaving behind the dull brownish tone.

The wind and rain mixed into a soft melody before the rumbling of the clouds worked up, then the mighty crash of thunder echoed its wrath over the planet.

A bolt of lightning flashed before me, hitting the ground just missing my feet.

I jumped back, noticing the clouds spinning round above me like I was in the eye of the storm.

What was going on?

I had no idea. Without even thinking twice I ran aimlessly until I was out of breath, my feet gave up, my heart racing as the pain of the stitch filled my chest.

I pressed my hands on my knees, coughing violently, I breathed in the sweetness of the air. Then I started to hear the hammering.

When I looked up, I saw I was standing by some gates, they had rusted from age. Once, they would have been a pinnacle of greatness, now they're a shadow of their former self.

A stand where a man once stood with a book, ticking the names that walked through them was left next to it.

The gates looked bent, like something big barraged through them, bending the metal outwards.

As soon as I walked through them, I started to feel like I was trespassing on someone’s grave. I looked to my side to see a mirror and the chilling thought filled my mind.

Who was I?

A man stood in the mirror, he was in his early twenties. His hair was black, yet the blue in his eyes shone through, with the colour being brought out by the blue nylon jumpsuit that matched his blue converse.

Was that me?

Why was I there?

As I continued to walk, I saw that I was now in the streets. At first, they looked all modern, before they started to change into those you might find in the Victorian, Stuarts, Tudors, medieval, dark ages eras, as well as many more, before it ended with the ancient Greeks.

A temple stood out in the open. The street I walked down was only one of many that linked to the centre.

A huge beam of white light shone bright, fighting through the clouds.

Around me, I saw stone statues of people bowing and worshiping it, some looked like they was begging to be saved. When another gust of wind blew, it wasn’t just the roar but I heard the chanting of different languages.

Where was I?

What happened here?

Why was I here?

I walked closer to the light…


The ruins

The Title

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