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Imagine this. You are a student, taking the school bus back home. Instead of taking the normal route, the bus drives into a ditch. You are then consumed partially and your remains are cocooned into the bus with strands of a saliva-like material. Your parents never get to see your smiling face again, instead they see your terrified faces in a picture taken at the scene.

This is exactly what the families of 35 school children had to go through. The bus had departed from the Buell School District and had made its way into the surrounding woodland, driving straight into a ditch. This severely damaged the bus as it seems that a large rock had gone straight through the window. As for the driver, they were never found. Further inspections reveal that the bus was constructed of organic material, with the exterior serving as an exoskeleton. The seats had the texture of a human tongue and the seatbelts had unnoticeable small teeth within the fibers.

The headlights were the most noticeable. They had small, pupil like dots in the center of them. The police tried to remove the students to no success. The bus then seemed to cave in, causing officers to rush out of it. This bus still remains in that ditch, becoming overgrown in weeds. The surrounding area is now under constant surveillance by police to stop anybody from attempting to enter it.

One thing still remains a mystery to most people. Where is the driver? Nobody knows. Nobody even knows what they look like. Maybe they were just a puppet used by the bus and when they were useless it consumed them.

I could imagine the panic and trauma as they were being consumed. People still say that the screams of the children emit from the bus, drawing people near.