Legions march from Hell and Heaven,
To beat of drums and trumpets' roar.
Seals are broken, all of the seven.
Let us wage the Final War.

Amidst the clashing of Dark and Light,
Stands the figure from days of yore.
I raise my sword, I swing with might,
And paint the world with blood and gore.

This ancient terror is without name.
Before me they flee, or fall to knees.
I tear them asunder all the same,
Completely deaf to cries and pleas.

My grand wings are as black as night.
My fierce eyes glow like savage flame.
Where I walk, there is no light.
A force which none in world can tame.

I purge the sinners from this Earth.
Corpses as far as eye can see.
For you are all but specks of dirt.
Before the glory that is me.

By Demons feared, by Angels despised,
I live merely to butcher and slay.
To bring forth of damned demise,
Crush the worlds and waste to lay.

Death has come to claim you all.
Bones will shatter, flesh will rend.
Should you fight me, you'll surely fall,
For I'm the Seraph of the End.

Written by Helel ben Shahaar
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