Dr. Valentine Greuscu has been contracted by the Tennessee Department of Corrections (TDoC)to perform a thorough psychological investigation of convicted murderer, Jeremy Popescu. The subject is a 25 year old Caucasian male, brown hair, 5 feet 7 inches in height, weighing approximately 170 lbs. The subject's medical records show a history of Schizophrenia with violent tendencies. The "Objective" of Dr. Gruescu's medical evaluation is to determine if the subject is fit to stand trial for his crimes. At this time, Dr. Greuscu is unaware of the nature of the crimes committed in order to complete an unbiased medical decision for the TDoC.

The evaluation will be conducted over a period of six days, one session per day, consisting of no more than forty-five minutes per session. Let it be known that if a decision can be made on the subject's ability to stand trial prior to the six session, a second opinion may be made by request to the TDoC to support or challenge Dr. Gruescu's decision. There will be NO MORE than six sessions. Failure to produce definitive results upon the conclusion of Session 6 will result in inadmissibility of the evidence gathered from Dr. Greuscu's medical analysis.

The study will take place in the Department of Corrections with the following personnel authorized to be present:

1. Dr. Valentine Greuscu, Psychologist.

2. Shannon Pierson, RN

3. Belinda Lee, Legal Stenographer

4. Jason Morgan, Corrections Officer

Sessions must begin no later than 4/1/2014 and will be given a deadline of 4/20/2014.


William E. McIntyre

Senior State Prosecutor

State of Tennessee

William E. Mcintyre

04/01/2014 Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Session 1

6:47 AM

Personnel Present -

Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Nurse Shannon Pierson

Belinda Lee, Audio and Typed Records for TDoC

Jason Morgan, Corrections Officer / Guard

Greuscu: The day is Tuesday, April 1st 2014. Under request from the Tennessee Department of Corrections, I will be undergoing a series of evaluations to determine whether the subject, Jeremy Popescu, is fit to stand trial in a court of law for crimes unknown to me at this time. I have been instructed to attempt to gain the subject's trust and allow him to confide in me over his actions in a recent incident which has put him into this situation. The subject is a twenty-five year old white male. Confirmed history of Schizophrenia with violent tendencies. The subject has no recorded medications on file in which he has been treated with. Authorities have stated his mood is classified as "highly agitated" and "fearful." Attempts to restrain subject have been met with high resistance. Please bring in Mr. Popescu.

Officer Morgan enters the room with the subject, Jeremy Popescu. Popescu is visibly shaking. His eyes seem to be unable to stay focused and are scanning the room nonstop. It is apparent that he is under immense anxiety as his fingers are moving rapidly within his wrist restraints. He is forcibly seated in the chair adjacent to Dr. Greuscu. He appears to be casting his eyes down and is not making eye contact with any personnel. RN Pierson is asked to take his vital signs. As she approaches the subject, he instantly changes demeanor and begins wailing his arms at her. Pierson is hit in the nose due to the flailing of the subject's arms. She is instructed to step away. Morgan steps forward and places the subject in leg restraints and arm restraints on the chair.

Gruescu: I understand you might be a bit scared right now Mr. Popescu. Please try and calm down a bit. My name is Dr. Greuscu. I specialize in Psychology and human behavior. Before we get into any details as to why I'm here, why you're here, and what we hope to accomplish together. I just need to ask you a few general questions to get an understanding of your medical history. I want you to know that our conversations are being recorded on both audio recorder and written, however this information will not be shared to anyone without proper authorization. I hope you understand your rights as a patient. Can you please state your full name and date of birth for me?

Popescu: [Unintelligible Speech]

Subject appears to be very disoriented. Note that he is making sounds, however no understandable words are able to be understood. Subject is simply leaning back and forth in his chair. He is not acknowledging questions or gestures from the Dr.

Gruescu: Mr. Popescu, I need you to understand that your cooperation and participation in these sessions is extremely important. You should know that I am not here to judge or convict you for anything that you have or have not done. I am simply here to make a medical evaluation on you based on the information that you provide me. It is crucial that you be open and honest as many things depend on your answers and responses to my questions. Now, can you please tell me your name and date of birth.

It seems that the subject is still very nervous, however he has stopped moving and simply stares at the table in front of him.

Popescu: They call us Jeremy.

Gruescu: Thank you, Mr. Popescu. Is it alright if I call you Jeremy?

Popescu: OK.

Greuscu: Perfect. Now, Jeremy I believe I heard you say that they called "us" Jeremey. Do you mind elaborating on that a little bit for me?

Popescu: I can't.

Gruescu: Why is it that you can't Jeremy. Do you think that someone is out to harm you? Are there people who are threatening you? I want you to know that you are in a very safe and secure environment right now. I know it may not look or seem like that, but no one can harm you in this room.

Popescu: I don't think you understand.

Gruescu: Please help me understand Jeremy. Why do you feel you cannot tell me more about who "us" is?

Popescu: You're the one who isn't safe in this room.

Subject seems to be entering a state of heightened panic. He is replicating his actions as he entered the room. The nurse has been instructed not to approach him. Morgan is instructed to return him to his cell for the day as it seems unlikely that progress can continue today.

End Session----

04/02/2014 Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Session 2

06:55 A.M.

Personnel Present -

Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Nurse Shannon Pierson

Belinda Lee, Audio and Typed Records for TDoC

Jason Morgan, Corrections Officer / Guard

Today, the subject was situated in the room and restrained to his chair before the Dr. arrived. The subject seems more calm today, although he has not made eye contact with any personnel in the room. He appears to be exhausted and we were briefed that he had apparently suffered from nightmares that required him to be watched the previous evening. Session continues.

Greuscu: Nurse, would you please attempt to check Jeremy's vital signs.

Pierson: Yes Doctor.

Subject allows medical personnel to perform basic vital sign operations on him. He puts up no struggle against a blood pressure check and pulse count, but refuses to allow her to give an oral thermometer.

Greuscu: Thank you Nurse. Jeremy, yesterday we stopped when you became upset, do you remember? You also said that I was not safe in here. Do you feel like talking to me a little bit more about this today?

Popescu: Please just leave me alone. Please. Please.

Greuscu: Jeremy, you need to understand that people believe you have done something terrible. We have to discuss what it is that is troubling you. Why you feel you are in danger. Why you feel I'm at danger. And what you know about Saturday, March 22nd of this year.

Subject has become clearly agitated. He is shaking in his chair violently. The restraints are holding, but it is obvious he is trying to break free of them. He has raised his head now and his eyes are completely bloodshot. It seems as if he is attempting to bite in the air towards the doctor as if he were an animal. He has begun screaming. Officer Morgan has been instructed by the doctor not to interfere unless he becomes a physical threat. The screaming continues. He is now vomiting on the table and himself. It appears he has lost consciousness. Awaiting for confirmation to end Session.

Gruescu: Nurse could you please call someone to clean up a little. Officer Morgan, I think we've done what little we could today, Can you please take Jere-

Popescu: It wasn't his fault you know.

The subject is sitting in perfect posture in his chair. His eyes are fixed on Dr. Greuscu and his hands are relaxed. He has no expression on his face, yet does not look to be in any fear or distress.

Gruescu: Jeremy! I was about to end our session. We need to clean you up a little. If you want to continue, we will. If you feel you cannot continue, we can take you back to your holding facility.

Cleaning supplies were transferred outside of room from facility staff to Ms. Pierson. Ms. Pierson enters the room and attempts to clean and sanitize the best she can before returning the supplies outside. Session continues.

Gruescu: Thank you, Nurse. Jeremy, what do you mean it wasn't his fault? What happened and to who?

Popescu: You know, for a shrink, you should know that tying and forcing someone who is about to shit their pants to a chair probably isn't the best way to reach them. Jeremy especially. Christ, one more minute of his puke on me and I would have knocked him out myself.

Gruescu: That's interesting Jerem... sir. And may I ask your name?

Popescu: It really doesn't matter does it? I mean, you'll ask me the same stupid questions you asked Jeremy, won't you? I guess if you're going to call me something, just call me A.

Gruescu: Ok, A, I have no problem addressing you as you wish to be called. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Maybe a little bit about your friend Jeremy?

A: I ain't got much to say about myself. I take care of the little brat when the other guys start pushing him too far. Don't call us friends. I didn't ask to be someone's nanny. I just got stuck cleaning up the crap in someone else's toilet if you know what i mean.

Gruescu: I see. So you're saying there are people who bully Jeremy and you? And that you protect him from these people? What do they do to Jeremy? What do you do to protect him?

A: Man, are you deaf? I didn't say anyone bullied me. I mean, look at me. Do you think I'd put up with someone's shit if they tried to make a move on me. Nah, they just push him around. They don't mess with me. He's too weak though, whenever they start coming up with the crazy ideas, it's always him who has to take the fall. Then when he realizes he's too far in over his head to take care of himself, after he's done something stupid, I have to come around and cover his ass so he doesn't get put into dumb ass situations like these.

Gruescu: So you basically have kept him safe after doing something he regrets? Sorry if I'm not understanding, I'm just very interested in what you have to say. Do you know what happened to Jeremy on the night of Saturday, March 22nd?

Something changed in the subject's posture. He has gone very rigid. He is staring at the doctor with a gaze of intent. This is not the posture he has held for most of the session.

A: We ALL know what happened that night....

Subject briefly smiled at the doctor before his head collapsed to the table followed by snoring. The subject is unable to continue after multiple attempts to awaken him. The doctor has instructed us to stop for the day.

End Session----

04/02/2014 Dr. Valetine Gruescu

Session 3

07:01 AM

Personnel Present -

Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Nurse Shannon Pierson

Belinda Lee, Audio and Typed Records for TDoC

Jason Morgan, Corrections Officer / Guard

The doctor has requested subject wait outside to make some statements for the record before today's session. Statements follow.

Gruescu: It is my opinion that the subject, known as Jeremy Popescu, is suffering from multiple personality disorder along with Schizophrenia. He referenced me to this in our first session and during our second session, a personality who refers to himself now as A, has become present. A seems to be Jeremy's protector personality. He seems to be the dominant personality that appears when Jeremy's fight or flight reaction seems to go into chaos. However, personality A still references that more people (or personalities) are influencing Jeremy's actions. Today we will attempt to reach a new communication within his disorder. I would like to see his response to negative, sad events. Officer Morgan, please escort Mr. Popescu in.

Officer Morgan escorts Jeremy inside the room. Jeremy appears to be in the state of heightened alert as he was the first session. He seems a bit scared, still shaking, and scanning the room's entirety. He is restrained with his hands, however he does not seem to be posing any such risk that ankle restraints are necessary. Session Continues.

Gruescu: Hello Jeremy. Yesterday, I met with a friend of yours. He said his name was A. He said that he helps you when things aren't going good and he keeps you out of trouble. Do you want to tell me about A?

Popescu: When they're mean, he sticks up for me.

Gruescu: Who is mean Jeremy? I read here your mom is the only family you have left. It says that your father was murdered when you were twenty years old during a break-in. The files say that your mother was brutally assaulted and they ended his life when he tried to protect her. This sounds like what A is doing for you. Do you want to talk about any of that Jeremy?

The subject is in absolute shock. While the doctor was reading the events that happened during his young adulthood, subject seemed to dislocate from reality. Subject has begun crying hysterically. He has placed his face down on the table and is continuing to weep. The subject has stopped crying, but remains face down on the table.

Gruescu: Jeremy, I didn't mean to upset you. I just want to understand what is going on in your life that you feel that you can't tell anyone about it. Losing a parent can be hard, I understand. But, grieving is a natural process in healing and everyone has to go through it at s....

Popescu: No one can ever understand. My mom has had to live with what happened every day since then. I have had to watch her cry. I watched her as she took the anger out on me. The hate towards the people who did this to my dad. It's all his fault. Jeremy would never stand up for himself. He was hiding there, just watching them attack his mom while his dad was trying to save her. He just sat there like a coward and didn't do anything to even distract those evil men. It's his fault.

Subject is slouching in the chair. His eyes are very glossy from recently crying. He looks very visibly upset. He is breathing extremely slow and heavy. Session Continues.

Gruescu: I can see that Jeremy has hurt you very badly. Parents are a very important part of our life, and losing one can feel like the end of the world. I imagine you have every right to be upset right now. Do you want to tell me your name?

Popescu: My name's Christi.

Gruescu: Christi? I know you're very sad right now. I can see it quite clearly on your face. Do you always get mad at Jeremy when you're sad?

Christi: He's the only one who makes me sad, ever. I have to live with all the bad things he does. I told him to just stop listening to them and try to get some help, but instead, he does more and more until I can't take it anymore and I have to come talk to him about how much he's hurting himself and other people.

Gruescu: I understand that when people do things, they don't always realize how much they can hurt other people. What you're doing is perfectly normal Christi. Did Jeremy do anything on the night of Saturday, March 22nd that made you sad too?

Christi: I think that day... was the most sad I've ever been.

Subject begins crying and shaking his head as if he doesn't want to continue. The doctor has agreed to end evaluation for the day and continue tomorrow. Subject has been escorted out by Officer Morgan and things are being wrapped up. Session ended.

End Session---

04/03/2014 Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Session 4

06:44 AM

Personnel Present -

Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Nurse Shannon Pierson

Belinda Lee, Audio and Typed Records for TDoC

The doctor and nurse Pierson have entered the room after speaking with officers being relieved from the night shift in the facility. The doctor has informed me that he needs to make a formal statement for the record to be included in his evaluation. Session continues.

Gruescu: Nurse Pierson and I have been informed that Mr. Popescu had a series of self-mutilating attempts during the early hours of the night. According to officers on watch, he was attempting to gouge his eyes with a sharp, splinter of wood. Although he did not suffer any major injuries, it was clear that the subject was unfit for any assessment this morning. I think it is a good time for us to discuss some major developments in talking to this individual the past couple of days.

Mr. Popescu is a very, very troubled young adult. He is, in my professional opinion, suffering from a very dangerous psychotic episode caused by his Schizophrenia and has now revealed two alternate personalites. His most recent personality, Christi, seems to be what is holding in his human emotions of resentment and regret. I noticed that Christi seemed to put a lot of the blame on Jeremy himself. I can not say conclusively, but I have a small belief at this point the two personalities we've encountered, are in some kind of conflict with each other. In most cases the personalities are aware of each other and tend to work as a system. However this individual seems to have personalities that are all in constant arms with the other personality, with the brunt of the anger directed on the primary personality, Jeremy. Tomorrow I'd like to see his reaction to direct confrontation and anger. I want to see what is feeding this fire so we can begin to understand where we need to start to get answers.

There has been no progress with the subject today due to his intent of self-harm the evening before. However, the doctor has made statements to be included in his overall evaluation of the subject. There is nothing further to report today. Session Ended.

End Session----

04/05/1982 Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Session 5

06:12 A.M.

Personnel Present -

Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Nurse Shannon Pierson

Belinda Lee, Audio and Typed Records for TDoC

Jason Morgan, Corrections Officer / Guard

The sessions have been moved to a room with padded walls and no chairs or table. The doctor will proceed as scheduled within the room along with the team. The subject, now in a jacket with restraints, is leaning in a corner against the walls. He has visible injuries on the sides of his eyes and seems as though he has absolutely no energy. He has been unresponsive to us in the room and has rarely moved. Session continues.

Gruescu: Good morning Jeremy. I'm very sorry we could not meet yesterday. I heard that you were having a difficult morning. Are you alright to talk to me today or do you want some time alone.

Popescu: Why are you doing this to me...

Gruescu: Because in order to show your innocence in a matter, we need to find out what it was that you did on Saturday March 22nd. I know you're wanting to lie to me. In fact, I don't believe much of anything you're saying. If you're too scared to admit when you do something wrong, just say you're scared. You don't have to sit in a corner and try to make others feel bad for you.

The doctor is intentionally pressuring the subject to feel emotions of anger it seems. It is working. The subject has a very aggressive posture, although he is strapped in a jacket and poses no threat to the staff in the room. The jacket itches very badly. Take it off. The subject stands up violently and begins pacing extremely fast back and forth and yelling at the doctor. The subject is highly irritated. Session continues.

Popescu: What do you know about lying to someone?! You get paid to come here and tell us what we did or did not do. You don't know us. You don't know what we're capable of. You think you're so damn important because you get to come in here and dig in the minds of people who haven't done anything. I'll let you in on a little secret you egotistical prick. Jeremy might not have the balls to harm a fly, but if you make me mad enough... you'll be lucky if your head is still attached to your neck in the morning...

The subject is spitting at the doctor. Clearly the tactics are working. The doctor seems to be ignoring his aggressive assaults and presses on. Take the jacket off. In order to keep the adrenaline going, the doctor appears to be asking very direct and powerful questions. Session continues.

Gruescu: Let me guess. You're just some guy who thinks that Jeremy is unable to live without you. And you want to call me egotistical? You are spitting, like a woman, at me and yet you think I'm going to believe you have the nerve to take someone's head off? Get real Jeremy.

Popescu: It's Thomas asshole! Look into your pretty little file there. You'll see what I'm capable of. I've made the things Jeremy has done look like a war crime.

A very loud and unknown sound begins to bang on the door to the room, followed by a loud shout.

Unknown Voice: Hey, keep it down in there!

Gruescu: OK, Thomas, but I hate to inform you that I'm not provided with criminal records on my patients, especially ones that act like juveniles. You know, I thought maybe you would be able to tell me a little bit about that Saturday, March 22nd when you and Jeremy were together, but apparently you know about as much of that night as I do about the dinosaur extinction.

Long pause of silence. Subject its back down quietly and smiles at the doctor. Subject has not blinked or changed expressions in over 3 minutes. The doctor seems to be scratching himself, I supposed he is a bit frightened. Subject is speaking. Session continues.

Thomas: When you find out what happened that night, remember this face, because that night is the last thing you'll ever want to remember.

Gruescu: Thank you Thomas, I'm sorry for upsetting you. I just needed to talk to you and unfortunately, I had to be a bit rude to do that. Officer Morgan, can you take the jacket off please?

The doctor has exited and sessions for the day have come to an end. Session ended.

End Session-----

04/06/2014 Dr. Valentine Gruescu

Session 6

09:37 A.M.

Personnel Present -

Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Nurse Shannon Pierson

Belinda Lee, Audio and Typed Records for TDoC

Jason Morgan, Corrections Officer / Guard

They still won't take the jacket off. Sessions still resume in the padded room. It's too cramped. The doctor arrives much later than usual. The team however is ready to press on. The subject appears to be losing the will to continue the sessions. He is laying with the majority of his body on the padded ground, only his neck and head rest on the wall. Please, take the jacket off. His eyes are focused at the light in the top of the ceiling. Session continues.

Gruescu: Jeremy, we've come a long way this week. When we first started talking, you told me about the other people who know you very well. I've met your friend A, your friend Christi, and Thomas. I've asked all of them about the night of Saturday March 22nd, but they all avoid the question and I haven't made any progress with them. In order to get you out of here and to get this jacket off, I need you to tell me if there are ANY other people in your life you think I should know about that might help me present my evaluation of you.

Popescu: I can't do this anymore... Please, I'm so scared...

Gruescu: Jeremy, this is our last opportunity to talk. If there is anyone else I should talk to, or anything you want to tell me, this is your last chance.

Popescu: I only know of two more people I think you should know about, but I only know one of their names.

Greuscu: OK, that's fine. Can you please tell me the name of the friend that you do know about?

Popescu: His name is Vlad, but he is very, very evil. Please don't talk to him, you know better, please just leave things alone.

Out of the blue, the doctor yells at the subject at the top of his lungs. Almost like a lion scaring a poacher, the subject springs up to his feet faster than a speeding bullet. The subject, clearly angered at being caught of guard like that, and feeling threatened, charges at the doctor with his shoulders. Take the damn jacket off. The doctor is much quicker and moves out of the way and the subject crashes head on into the padded wall, causing no damage, but clearly infuriating the subject even more. Subject is breathing very heavy. His teeth are clearly showing. His face is extremely red. The nurse and Officer Morgan seem to have left the room during the scuffle. Loud banging distracts the scuffle. An unknown voice is heard once more behind that thick door.

Unknown Voice: Calm the hell down! I'm not going to tell you again.

Gruescu: So, you must be Vlad. I don't have a lot of time to waste on trash like you so tell me what the hell happened on the night of Saturday March 22nd.

The subject seems unable to respond with vocal words. Instead he is staring down the doctor. His eyes seem to be tearing through the doctor's soul with every second that passes. Something is not right. The doctor is not engaging in any dialogue with the subject. The doctor sits on the ground and places his arms to the side and looks around. It seems he cannot proceed with the evaluation without knowing what part of Jeremy is responsible for whatever caused that twenty-five year old boy to die on Saturday March 22nd. The doctor seems to be at a loss, he looks a bit saddened. Dialogue continues. Session continues.

Gruescu: Vlad, Jeremy. Whoever I'm speaking with right now. I know you've done something terrible. I don't know what it is, but I can feel it with every breath you take. It doesn't matter what the evaluation says, I can confirm that you are a troubled individual who needs professional help and treatment. I can and will support that. I can clearly see why you don't understand the purpose of your intention of killing that twenty-five year old boy in your garage on Saturday March 22nd. We only have moments left... Can you please help me to help you. Who can tell me what happened that night? Why was that boy killed? Who did it? Please, whoever I'm speaking with, I need to know.

The body of the subject, still in that damn, itching jacket, begins to stand straight up. He looks dominant, strong, his face and jawbone are stern. This person does not seem afraid of anything, but he has a terribly disgusted look on his face as his eyes run over the doctor. Dialogue continues. Session continues.

Subject/Popescu: Dear doctor, I believe you have answered your own questions. You see, when you came to me, you knew nothing about me. I warned you that you did not want to know about that night, but you insisted. You wanted to know why that happened, I told you to leave me alone, and now you want to know who did it. I suppose we'll have to look at the bigger picture together since you can't do this one on your own.

I'm very tired. I don't think I will be able to finish recording this session. Maybe tomorrow. The doctor is gone now, and Officer Morgan and the nurse never returned. At the moment, it's just myself and the subject, and the subject is not even acknowledging me. Session ended.

End Session---

03/22/2014 Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Session 7

10:48 P.M.

Personnel Present -

Dr. Valentine Greuscu

Nurse Shannon Pierson

Jeremy Popescu

Belinda Lee, Audio and Typed Records for TDoC

Jason Morgan, Corrections Officer / Guard

I'm so tired of this damned jacket. Why hasn't anyone come to check on the subject. The doctor is very busy right now. The open scalp of that Popescu kid lying on the table is going to be great research in the name of psychology! Yes, the doctor is a miracle worker when it comes to such great and wonderful advancements in psychology. He understands people, but sometimes, some sacrifices must be made in the name of Science.

Gruescu: It is never easy having to let go of such a young, scared individual, but if my specimens research materials are over a certain age, it becomes obsolete and impossible to perfect, don't you agree Nurse Pierson?

I'm looking in the mirror to make sure Nurse Pierson was able to hear me, of course she nods in approval, just like she always does when I try to help someone.

Gruescu: Wonderful. Before I extract more of this individuals brain, would you please check outside the garage Officer Morgan and make sure that we don't have any troublesome noise or distractions headed this way?

Looking into the mirror once more, the never-speaking Officer Morgan complies and carries out the orders as he always has.

Gruescu: And now, for the final experiment. If my brilliant studies are correct, and this brain sample digests completely into my system and circulates into my blood. I will be able to relive the life of Jeremy here and recall his memory's, thoughts, and ideas. This is more than an advance in psychology, it is an advance in evolution! I'm brilliant beyond imagination!

The doctor bites into the brain matter, choking in disgust at first, but eventually following through with his brilliant plan. I hear sirens. They found us. How did they find us?! I must eat it all before they get here. I know my theory will work, it has to work! No, they are banging on the garage... They're in my house... No... Please... No... I'm a brilliant scientist! NO! They are coming through the garage door... NO! I AM BRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLKkkkkkkkkkkkdaffffffeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Tennessee Department of Corrections

Inmate : Shannon Valentine Morgan

Plead : Not-Guilty by reason of Insanity

Crime: Pre-Meditated Murder


The preceding eight pages including the cover letter and seven page dialogue between the inmate and his alternate personalities are included.

On the evening of Saturday March 22nd, around 10:45pm, agents of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation raided the one story house of the alleged serial killer, Shannon Valentine Morgan. Morgan was recently reported seen involved in the kidnapping of twenty-five year old Jeremy Popescu. Although Morgan refused to cooperate and communicate with agents and officers regarding the kidnappings and murder of over 12 people in the Tennessee area, when given an audio recording device and writing instruments, he seemed to spill his own confession out over a seven day course.

Originally, we allowed use of this material in a private cell and issued a small desk and a chair. However, due to his violent and non-provoked irritations and self mutilation, he was moved to solitary confinement in a padded cell where it seems he eventually led to understanding his disorder. Morgan has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, including the personalities of his victims, which he seemed to learn by following them and interpreting their daily activites and actions into his own daily routine.

Morgan has no known relations to the medical field or psychology. It is thought that he was inspired by reading history books of ancient cultures and their approach to advancement in science, religion, and medicine. We have been able to confirm that all personalities mentioned in his "Seven Session" confession are indeed characteristics and abnormal personalities of Morgan himself, except one.

As of this moment, we have not heard of, had reports of, or seen any sign that Morgan represents the small print narrator Belinda Lee. Morgan refuses to speak directly to law enforcement and no wedding or family records were found regarding the supposed Belinda Lee.

On a final note, we would like to emphasize that when we directly ask Morgan about his involvement and relationship with this alleged Belinda Lee, he simply laughs, smiles, and ends all communication attempts made at that time. Residents are to be advised that any person claiming to be a medical professional, or offer any type of services that would include documentation of events, without proper credentials could be a threat to the public, and a threat to yourself. Be vigilant.

End Report----

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