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At night, at least one room in your house or apartment is dark. You turned the lights off, it's late, and electricity costs too much these days.

But being near the dark room makes you feel uneasy. You feel unsafe, like you need to get away from it quickly, and you have a right to feel that way. Darkness is a breeding ground for real-life nightmares, invisible to the naked eye until it is too late. Anything bad, evil, or terrifying you have ever thought of will mold itself out of the black stillness, silently. Every tap, squeak, creak, whistle, and rattle is caused by them.

"It's a running tap."

"It's an old pipe."

"The house is old; of course the floorboards make noises every once in a while."


The human brain likes to make up excuses -- to hide the fact that you're afraid -- to try to calm you down, so that you can survive.

Now, you're probably thinking that daybreak gives you safety and that the sunshine blankets you in warm protection. And to an extent, you're correct. But there is a little bit of darkness inside every one of us and darkness attracts others. It follows you around every waking moment. Every time you think you're safe, it's right in front of your eyes, or hiding just behind you.

It's your shadow.

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