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The Snapper Game is an obscure little ritual, dating back to the early 20th century… or so I’ve heard. Nowadays it’s hard to find any information about its origin. The person I know it from first heard about it from a girl in a Czechoslovakian orphanage. And she supposedly heard it from a gypsy. I know, believable stuff. It’s a trail of unwritten rumors and words-of-mouth. If you’re here for a history lesson, well, I’m sorry to disappoint. But you’re not here for a history lesson, are you? No, you are here for a thrill.

So how do you play the Snapper Game? Well, first you will need a blood relative. The gender doesn't matter - a brother, a sister or a cousin will do. They can't, however, be more than two years older or younger than you. Additionally, both of you have to be children or teens. The third player gets bored around adults. You will need a room at least thirteen square meters in size. For all you weirdos using the imperial system - that's a little less than a basketball pitch. It doesn't need to be empty, it doesn't need to be a specific shape, and it doesn't need to be clean. Note, however, that any obstacles will make the game harder. Also worth noting is that if two or more rooms are not divided by doors, they all count as one room. Next, both of you will need something sharp - a nail, a needle, a knife if you’re feeling dramatic. Lastly, you will need an alarm clock and a blindfold. You now have everything. We may begin!

Set your alarm clock to ring at 3AM after the winter time change or 4AM after the summer time change. The time zone doesn't matter. Remove ALL lights sources from the room. Stand in the middle of the room, facing the opposite directions, touching your backs like you're doing a western duel. Put the blindfolds on and start walking until you both hit a wall. DON'T talk to each other. And now both of you reach into your pockets and grab your sharp object of choice. Don't take the blindfolds off. Now puncture the tips of your thumb and the finger you use for snapping. I personally use the middle finger, but I know some people use their forefinger or their ring finger. Now simply wait until the alarm goes off. Watch out though. Any sound you make past the alarm will be considered cheating. Don't set your alarm to a funny sound that will make you laugh. Don't set it to a scary sound that will make you scream. Just set it to a neutral sound that will let you know that it's time to start the game. Once it rings… SNAP! You snap your fingers at the same time. And now the three of you are in the game. Your goal is to find your relative in the next five minutes. A reminder however - you can't use your voice. The only sound you are allowed to make is a finger snap. The allowed intervals between the snaps are not very strict. My personal recommendation though is to not do it more often than every ten seconds. Beware however - the third player is also allowed to snap their fingers to disorient you.

The third player will never touch you directly. You, however, can certainly touch them. And if you do touch them... the game is over. The second player will hear two snaps from your direction. Should the player hear two distinct snaps, they can take their blindfold off. The game is over. Should any one of you make a sound before the five minute mark - the game is over and that player is disqualified. Should the players not find each other in five minutes - the game is over. The third player is now allowed to touch both of you directly.

Should the players complete the task, however, a few things might happen. The most probable one - you will be allowed to leave. You will hear something akin to a finger bone snapping and you will both be free to go. Do not go in expecting anything more. I can only assure that bare minimum. If you are willing to believe there is something more waiting for you after you take the blindfold off... well... there is ONE story I've heard.

The third player will be waiting for you after you win. You won't see them - remember, it's still pitch black - but you will hear them, their joints snapping with every move. If you are fast enough, you might just grab them before they leave. And if you do, the third player might just take you with them. To where? Well, to the place that the Czechoslovakian orphan described as "somewhere better". The place where the third player took her brother.