I'm sure everyone has lost something they never thought they would lose. From little things like socks and other clothing, to more important things such as the tv remote, cell phones, and wallets.

You can search high and low for these things and never find them. Don't fret, it's a good thing, they've been taken by creatures I've forever known as the Snatchers.

The Snatchers are invisible little creatures that hide in the shadows and watch. What do they watch, you ask? The future. These little creatures have the unique ability to see into the near future of any being.

Whether it's a dog, cat, mouse, anything. The beings they like to watch the most, though, are humans.

Snatchers were always intrigued by humans' possessions. From cell phones to socks, they watched us use these items and wanted them for themselves. They have a stronger code of ethics than we, though, and refused to take the objects without giving us something in return, our lives.

Since the Snatchers can see into the future, they determined that if they save us humans from the danger only they could see, they could rightfully take our objects for payment.

So next time you lose a sock, your favorite shirt, or even your cell phone, don't worry, you've just been saved.

It's when you find the things again that you should be worried.

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