I'm just sitting around my house. I'm not really doing anything; just sitting there, in a chair in the middle of my house. I'm not moving a muscle.

I'm just listening really closely. I'm listening to that familiar and slightly creepy song. As the song advances, it gets louder and sounds like it’s getting closer. I don't mind, though.

This is the song that makes me feel more at home. That I'm used to. I don't know where this song is coming from; it could be coming from the radio, or the television.

No, it can't be. There's absolutely no electronics turned on in my house. I don't know, but I don't care. This song makes me feel more comfortable, hearing something that I'm finally used to.

I started hearing this song from the minute I was born, and since then, it seems to have been following me wherever I go. Whether I'm at the grocery store or the park, the same familiar song echoes through my ears. It plays when I'm feeling proud, it plays when I'm feeling depressed, and sadly walking through the rain. This song seems to always play. The same familiar song.

And tonight, the song seemed to have finally gotten close enough to me, that it sounded like it was right behind me. That's when I fell asleep. I had a nightmare that the song was playing to scenes of death. I didn't mind too much though. I grew up with that song after all, so I still felt comfortably at home.

The next day, the song stopped playing. I should have been bursting with joy, to have that awful tune finally gone. But I wasn't. I was extremely depressed, like I've lost a brother or something. To have the sights of my own home taken away forever. But, I suddenly began to fill with joy. I am free. I am free from what might be the end of me. You see, that's the world. Could what might be the most horrible scheme ever be blocked out by familiarity?

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