R.I.P Elle, I miss you so much babydoll.

I can no longer live through the guilt of not sharing my experience with this horrible being. It is the Spawn.

The Spawn slipped into my home and into my chimney uninvited in Summer 2011. My daughter reported "a weird thing" that she saw near our fireplace, but I shrugged it off and ignored her. That was a big mistake.

Over the next few days my daughter, Elle, forced me to take a quick look up our chimney. I reluctantly grabbed a flashlight and looked up my chimney.

I saw it.

It looked down at me, its large silver eyes turned hard and cold, and hissed.

The next day my brother Daniel helped me set up cameras around my house to film our experience.

The creature slipped out of my chimney that following night, and what I saw sickened me.

It would observe our furniture, smell it, taste it, feel it.

Then it climbed onto our furniture and squatted there until its genitalia released a mysterious liquid.

Over the week I covered my furniture and locked all doors to the rooms I didn't want the Spawn to enter. It didn't do us much good.

The Spawn killed Elle while I was asleep. He gouged her eyes out with his stubby fingers and ate them. He ate her entire body and left me with her skeleton.

I watched the videos to see if there was any way that Elle was still alive, but all I saw was the horrifying murder of my nine year old.

Rest in peace, baby, I love you so much and miss you forever.

You and Daddy have finally reunited.

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