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Watch you from a distance as you perform your daily routine

That's how it is when I'm sitting here just doing my thing

Sitting here wanting you for real instead of in my dream

The fact is in reality I am absolutely positively nothing

When I sleep and think about it while I'm there, I'm king

Next day I wake up and follow you like a river stream

Follow you around and you still don't know it's me

Slip inside your pocket, I snatch your extra room key

To your house, I'm aroused, waiting to get you patiently

You came home, I thought it was just you, not a group of three

Makes it all the better just to help me out mentally

I'll be upstairs patiently, waiting for you in your room

Just know that now you have only caused your doom

Can never be what I wanted and that's the groom

But now where we're at will be all of your tomb

When it's over you won't be in an emergency room

Don't worry beauties because it'll all be over soon

No need to worry about a baby being in your womb

I pop out of the closet wearing a good costume

Your screams stop but it'll steadily resume

Look into my eyes and you keep asking me who I am

As it burns, it stings just like a lava plume

As it ends, it looks like the end of a horrible cartoon

I am the stalker that waits inside your room