The dancing dots of a static screen

We've all encountered the static screen before. Usually when your T.V. set isn't working properly, and most of the time you don't pay much attention to it. You just get the television fixed and move on. But if you've ever stopped to watch the static for a longer amount of time, you may have noticed something.

Maybe you noticed how you started to see an actual shape or image form, instead of the usual bunches of dots dancing around the screen. Some people are lucky enough to continue only seeing the static, and the static only. But others are not so lucky.

Once a good friend of mine was visiting. She asked if we could watch T.V., but I told her our television set didn't work. Yet, she continued to press the power button. She was of course greeted by the static because the television set was broken. But she continued to watch the static, never ceasing its dance around the screen.

After about five minutes, she got a terrified look on her face that after another minute went blank. She then clicked off the T.V. and simply left. I didn't understand, and when I tried going out after her she didn't respond. I shrugged it off and decided she was trying to freak me out or play a prank, something that she often did.

At about 1:00 in the morning, I received a call from the same friend. She was talking in a whisper.

"P-Please, please help. I'm hiding from that... that thing. Oh god, I think it sees me! H-Help!"

There was immense sobbing now and unnatural, almost sounding like shrill blood curdling screams, noises coming from whatever was attacking her. Then my friend, oh my good friend, her high pitched screams almost started to match that of the creature. This was followed by the sound of bones being slowly ripped from their sockets and tearing flesh. After that, complete silence. The next day it was announced that she had been killed.

Today I went and observed the static screen for myself. After about 5 minutes I saw a terrifying creature with it's mouth open and it's head thrown back, as if it were letting out a long howling-like scream. I would highly recommend not ever looking deep into a static screen. Ever since those 5 minutes of watching those black and white dots just moving about the screen, I've been feeling quite out of it. I even think I might be able to see the shadow of the howling creature.

Just watching, and waiting for 1 o' clock...

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