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Have you wondered if your best friend still likes you? If your peers are actually happy to be around you? Maybe even if a teacher of yours is happy to have you in their class? You won't have to hold back those worries anymore. The Stone Of Truth will reveal secrets that may amaze you-or deeply upset you.

Keep in mind, the Stone of Truth will only work on those you have genuinely talked to, your friends or family. It will not work when you're testing out some random person you've never even come into contact with.

Whilst the Stone of Truth is powerful, it is not dangerous. Generally, no harm will come to people who do this. Be careful, though-its usage may not always result in the best answer.

What You Will Need:[]

  • You will need a herb. Rosemary? Parsley? Those can be used.
  • A small bowl, wooden bowls will result in the best answer.
  • Water.
  • Sugar.
  • A spoon.
  • Gloves.

What To Do:[]

Open rooms with a lot of space are generally useful for performing this ritual. When you start, make sure all of your materials are nearby where you can see them in plain view. Sit in a comfortable position.

Place the bowl in front of you. Gather your water and begin pouring it into the bowl. At this moment, you should start speaking. Say, "My name is (your first name) hailing from the house of (your last name). In my time of need, I require the Stone of Truth. I am in great concern currently and kindly request that the powers of the Stone of Truth are ones I shall witness today. Behold the knowledge that has been provided to me."

As you are speaking, pour a handful of the sugar into the bowl. This should form a sugary mixture of water and sugar. To top it off, throw your herb into the water-not too much. Grab the spoon and begin stirring the mixture together. Stir for a few seconds at least to 5 minutes at most.

When the mixture is done, close your eyes and speak your wish. You must start with the words, "I wish." When you are finished speaking, slowly sip the mixture. Whether it comes as a surprise to you or not, the mixture will not taste like anything you have been expecting. It will taste like the drink you have most recently sipped. Drink every inch of the mixture down to the last drop.

When you are done, keep your eyes closed and set the bowl in the same position it was. This is the moment to grab your gloves and put them on. It may take a few minutes before you can open your eyes. Suddenly, you will feel an intense heat. If the heat never comes, the ritual has failed. Grab your belongings and try again within 3 days or more.

Otherwise, you may open your eyes. You will see the Stone of Truth in front of you. It'll take on the appearance of anything related to a stone. A geode, a rock, maybe even one of those fake rock ornaments you'll see at the dollar store. Grab the Stone tenderly with the gloves. It will be a bit hot, but this means that you are absorbing the energy of the Stone. Do not let go just yet. Within a few seconds, a hologram will materialize above the Stone. It will show you what you have desired to know.

While some of the results can make you extremely happy, some will disturb or depress you. If you wish to no longer see the hologram, remove your gloves and fling them into a corner of the room. The Stone will disappear and the ritual will fail.

When the hologram has gone all the way through, bite your lip and hold the Stone to your chest. Make sure you clasp your hands into fists. When you can no longer feel the Stone, open your hands. You will see a tiny container. Open the container and there will be a paper response that tells you what the final result is.

Some of the responses can be short, and some of them can be very long. Place the paper back into the container, grab your belongings and leave the room. The ritual is a success.

Make sure you keep the container and the paper close to you for the rest of the day. After that, you are free to do whatever you please with them. Don't reveal anything you have learned from the ritual to anyone else-you'll have to wait much longer to do the ritual again, a year at most.

Even if you aren't pleased with the experience, always remember-

You can always try again.

The Stone will always be there.