My name is Jefferson Svil and I come to you today with a story. One that involves two of the professors at my college. No one else has seemed to notice anything strange but I sure have. Something that shakes me to the core.

My school is the local college of my small unmarked town. There I take the basic courses to get my degree and there is where Prof. Pericles taught. He was a middle-aged, tired and overworked looking man who chugged gallons of pitch black coffee everyday before and after class. He taught college level biology and was your basic run of the mill professor except for one thing.

He had a strange grudge and disliking for the history professor. You couldn't walk into Pericles class without hearing him complain about something annoying the history professor did. Sometimes he would bring the whole class to a screeching halt and rant about something particularly annoying or stupid the history professor did that day. I had been going to that college for years and every year had Pericles as one of my professors and every year he always complained about the history professor, which was welcomed seeing how slow and boring his normal teaching was, but one day it just stopped.

I walked into class and instead of seeing the tired worn out man downing coffee like it was the fountain of youth I saw a much... happier... man. A man with a wide pleasant smile who was sipping gently from a cup of tea. It was still Pericles but something felt off. I racked my brain trying to figure out the sudden shift when I remembered that today there was a substitute for the history professor. Yeah. That must be it, and tomorrow he would return back to his normal self and take up half the class with his rantings. The next day came and still he was happy, smiling, and quiet about the history professor. I checked to see if it was the substitute again and sure enough, it was. He must just be sick. As soon as he returns Pericles will be back to normal.

Weeks soon rolled by, still a substitute, still an oddly happy Pericles. I remember coming to class early one morning before school officially began for the day. Pericles' door was open but no one was inside, he must have gone to go make his tea in the teacher's lounge. So I walked to my desk in the front and began taking out my books and supplies when a sudden sour smell hit my nose and caused me to jerk back. The smell was horrid and made my eyes water. I gagged and tried to locate the source. The smell worsened the closer I approached Pericles large, wooden desk. I bent down and looked all around but there was nothing.

As I began to stand back up I noticed a latch that kept the top sealed to the rest, almost like some sort of treasure chest. I swore that wasn't there a couple of weeks ago. I glanced around making sure no one else was in the room. When I was certain the coast was clear I carefully unlatched the top and pushed it open. Stacks upon stacks of metal cans filled with the foul smelling substance were piled in the deep chest.

The smell was so strong and horrid now that the chest was open that I had to slam it shut and run to the nearest trash can to relieve myself of the vomit swelling up in my throat. I decided it was best not to confront Pericles about it. It was probably just the small parts of animals that we had dissected for a class lesson a few weeks ago and he just forgot to throw them out.

I didn't let my mind wander any longer and just carried on through the school day. When I got home and was comfortably in bed about to let sleep wash over me like a gentle wave I was suddenly ripped from it by a thought.

What was it we dissected a few weeks ago?

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