It was in the 1990's where people residing near the swamplands of Louisiana have claimed to have seen the mysterious creatures called the swamp bodies.

The swamp bodies are creatures that were allegedly dwelling in the swamps, stalking the swamps during the night whilst leaving deep footprints in the mud puddles and soil. In July 2005, an alligator hunter along with his four friends disappeared while hunting around five in the afternoon.

One survivor of the incident luckily returned after being lost in the swamp for three days and then was temporarily held by the local sheriff for questioning. The survivor stated that he had seen the swamp bodies with his very own eyes, and he described that the swamp bodies were large golem-like creatures, they have thick layers of dark green Spanish moss covering the actual body which is probably made up of mud, soil, and stone.

According to the survivor, the swamp bodies have no eyes but can sense a human within twenty-five feet, and if it senses one, it will stomp its feet toward the victim with a quake and a little thud from the ground, possibly a signal that the victim must flee to safety, or stay out of its presence.

The survivor also mentioned that the swamp bodies have the foul stench of a decomposing corpse, blended with the natural odor of the swampwater.

Recently in March 2013 - the bones of the alligator hunter were found. Interestingly, the bones were found to have few layers of soil, and rock and some small amount of moss covering them. Unfortunately for the other three, they are still out there in the marsh, waiting to be discovered.

However, whatever the thing that animates the swamp bodies, to the best of the scientists who are still studying the remains of the alligator hunter, is still unknown.

Written by Kaitlin Mitchell 
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