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I was walking through the woods. It was dark, and the sounds of animals filled the air. That was when I saw the red line in the dirt.

I stepped over it.

Suddenly, I felt cold. Something was wrong here. An evil presence hung around the place. Then it hit me.

The animal noises had stopped. This was too strange; I was going back home.

However, I could not go back. I was drawn forward. That was when the swing set came into view. It was an extremely depressing sight. There was just one swing that sat suspended between two bars, ten feet apart.

Something about this swing terrified me. Yet what was so bad about it? It was just a swing, what could happen with one ride?

I walked over and sat down. The rusty chains squeaked. I swung out my legs, like I did as a child.

Thirty seconds passed. I should probably get going, I thought to myself. I will stay on for just a little longer.


Just a little longer.


Little longer.





The next day, the police found a fourteen year old child, who had been missing since yesterday. Autopsy stated that the child was found in the fetal position. There was a knife clutched in his pale hand, cuts on his arms.

The cuts formed words.

"Up and down. Up and down. Just a little longer Mommy, just a little longer."