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11:48 PM July 17th, 2005

Dark, so very dark, the pitch black forest scattered with trees of deep brown, though colorless from the emptiness of the night sky.

I lay there, slowly loosing my vision, dark, so dark. I begin to ponder, why me? The white dirty mask is the last thing i see, as he- no, it, looks down at me


3:51 PM May 10th, 2005

It was a pretty boring day to say the least, in my last class, staring at the clock placed on the wall waiting for class to end. After an hour of the teacher ranting on about the revolutionary war for what seems like 7 decades I jolt up, the bells ringing echoes through the class as students immediately bolt for the door, its a bittersweet feeling for me though.

I work as an intern for my dad who's a detective, I don't really do much besides sort threw files of usolved murders but if it helps him somehow i'm willing to help.

5:26 PM May 10th, 2005

I casually sorted threw the files, it's kinda odd how my dad would let me see all of this, I guess I *am* 21 but it's still a bit weird how he'd openly show his daughter crime scene photos.

I come across a file that catches my eye, the victim had no external wounds besides a small bruise around an even smaller hole, maybe the size of a needle? There's suspicions of that being a syringe wound where the killer injected some harmful chemical into the neck.

No weapon or fingerprints or well anything that could possibly link to a culprit

"You seem quite curious about that one" My father would say as he peered down at me with a grin. I shake my head and chuckle as I continue to read threw the listing

  The victims eyes were bloodshot and wide with tears streaming down their faces, whatever did this clearly had a grudge against them, or maybe just got a kick out if it.

5:31 PM May 17th, 2005

For the next couple days I'd continue my same routine, go to college, go home, go to "work". But today, something caught my eye about that same file though.

The murders weren't too far from my town, they took place in a wooded areas in Kansas. I'd go investigate but the killers unknown, i'd be stupid to end up like one of those poor explorers. But still, maybe I could find something useful there. I've always been drawn to areas like that, i should at least bring someone with me.

7:51 PM June 13th, 2005

I've been pondering on this same case for the past month, unsolved murders aren't uncommon but this is something I haven't came across in so long, I should talk to my dad about it. I think aimlessly about it while I roll around on my unmade bed as i look outside of the window beside my bed out at the woods.

8:21 AM June 15th, 2005

Today's the day, i'm gonna try and convince my dad to come with me to investigate those woods. I knock on the door to his house before he opens the door almost immediately.

"You seem to be excited" I say with a smirk as I place my hand on my hip

"Well yeah, you sounded pretty excited over our phone call" He says before quickly hugging me. He hasn't hugged me like this since the night of my moms passing.

I inform him on my plan, to go to the forest and see if we can find any clues to help solve this case. He seems extremely reluctant as I tell him my plans before immediately denying my ideas. He knows i'm stubborn and instead walks away to his room for a moment while I sit on the couch.

After a few minutes or so he returns to the room with a bag in hand. He informs me that it contains all the stuff necessary for my plans, even a gun for self defense which I had no idea he even had. He wishes me luck before sending me back home.

5:42 PM June 17th, 2005

Today's the day I leave for the forest, there's a pit in my stomach, of course I'm scared but it wouldn't be an interesting adventure if there wasn't some fear.

  I put the bag my dad gave me in the back seat before I get in the drivers seat and hit the road.

6:32 PM June 17th, 2005

After the drive I arrive at a gate, it's definitely the entrance to the forest but I assume it's blocked off because of the crimes, but instead of doing the smart thing and heading back i decide to hop the fence.

The sun's starting to set as I walk into the forest, it looks much more eerie than the photos I saw online but the photos were poor quality anyways. I set up a tent near where it looks like the crime scene photo was captured as I start to look around. I don't find anything really relevant, but i'm also not a professional so maybe i'm just missing something? Regardless I decide that if I wanted to find something i'd have to look somewhere the professionals haven't looked yet, so I venture off deeper into the deep woods.

9:56 PM June 17th, 2005

I'm lost, the forest is dark and all I can make out is the trees. My heads racing with thoughts as my mind plays tricks on me, I feel like i'm being watched. I try to retrace my steps but to no Avail..

11:25 PM June 17th, 2005

I'm running aimlessly, I have to get out of here. The thoughts of all that happened here are starting to get to me, I just wanna leave. I found the gate but it seems like it's unlocked, maybe my luck is going well for once as I open the gate and run to my car. But the tires, the tires have been popped.

Suddenly a sharp pain inflicts my neck, I immediately collapse to the ground as my body shakes violently, no time to grab my gun and my vision fades to black. But suddenly, almost like a dream, I see my mother, happy and well. But just as fast my consciousness is pulled out of the blissful dream and back into the despair filled nightmare as all I can see is a tall man, maybe 6'2 with a white dirty mask and hollow eyes holding syringes with a red liquid connected to his back as he watches silently.

This pain is unbearable as my body shakes and burns, it feels like all of my organs are failing as suddenly, my body goes numb.

11:48 PM July 17th, 2005

Dark, so very dark, the pitch black forest scattered with trees of deep brown, though colorless from the emptiness of the night sky.

I lay there, slowly loosing my vision, dark, so dark. I begin to ponder, why me? The white dirty mask is the last thing i see, as he- no, it, looks down at me as I slowly meet my demise.


Victim name: Amber Greene

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Cause of death: No external wounds besides a bruised hole in the side of her neck, internal organs seemed to have failed.

Case: Unsolved