(This is my first story, hope it’s at least decent.)

The night was cold. Six friends gathered around a campfire and roasted hot dogs. They were camping near an abandoned house. It was a normal night, until they started hearing crunches. Footsteps, they ignored it to think it was a deer until they heard a laugh. They all looked in the direction of the laugh, not visibly seeing anything.

It was time for bed. They all went to their tents. One noticed his tent was all ripped. He called all his friends over. They were missing one friend. Near the tent was footsteps and a pile of blood. A trail of blood dragged onto the trees. They all were worried so they attempted to call the forest ranger, yet the battery was drained in their walkie talkie. They all packed in a hurry. Four of them gathered in the car. Another one was missing.

One went looking while the other three looked in the abandoned house. As soon as they entered the house, they saw their friends' lifeless corpses, with their stomachs open and their guts spread out in a circle. When they saw that, they ran back to the car. Only two made it. They tried to start the car, but it stuttered. After the second try, one of their friends' bodies fell on top of the car from the top of a tree. They panicked and ran to the abandoned house. One of their friends was in there, yelling their friends' names.

They calmed him down as he was shaking. They split up agreeing to meet up at the front door in 10 minutes. When that time arrived, only one of them was there. He looked where the other bodies were and saw the other two of his friends. All 5 of them sitting there, with their intestines sitting in a circle. He saw a woman standing behind them.

She was tall and had a deformed face. She was holding a large, bloody knife. It looked sharp. She slowly walked up to him, taking small footsteps at a time.

When she reached him, he was cowering in a corner, not a single word or sound left him. She pointed the knife at his chest, holding the blade with both her hands.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then opened them.

The knife was in his hand, his clothes all bloody, not remembering anything.

He pushed the knife into his body, not making a sound.

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