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Rumors have been spread all over the city of Thendorn about a creature that has been stalking the Hitchen Forest for years. They describe it as a long, skinny being that doesn’t have legs, but has tentacle-like limbs that are supposedly made of wood. It is said to have human-like arms, although the face of the creature was said to drive a man to suicide.

I wanted to see if this monster was real, but first I needed to understand what it was. I searched through the Wikipedia and Reddit to see if there was anything about this mythical monster. All I managed to find were blurred images of it that dated back to 1973. There were no existing documents or anything that could help me further understand what it is. I only knew its stature and approximately how long it has been around. It was frightening to think I'd be facing something I knew so little about.

I proceeded to print three copies of each image, gather three cameras, and three walkie-talkies hoping that my friends would join me. As I made my way out the door, I checked the time. It was currently 7pm. I glanced at the pictures of the creature I had, it looked like it would be terrifying in person. Soon enough I arrived at my friend Jeff's house and knocked on his door. He wearily opened the door. “Ozwalt, what is it this time...?” He questioned in an irritable tone.

"We should go out and look for this creature," I held up the pictures of the beast in front of Jeff's face, "it might be good for you since all you do is lay around in your house all day." I remarked, trying to be friendly while also making a point.

Jeff cocked his head backwards in slight annoyance, "well... fine. Although I doubt we will find this so-called 'creature'."

"Oh shut the hell up, man. Let's go," I retorted.

We began strolling down the street. Both of us were only 15 years of age so we didn't have a driver's license, therefore we were forced to walk. I slid my phone out of my pocket and called my other friend, Jackson. I was sent to voicemail and received a text that read "I'm out of town right now, can't talk."

It was just Jeff and me.

We proceeded to the forest that the creature supposedly dwelt in. We stopped right outside the Hitchen Forest and I gave Jeff the pictures, camera, and walkie-talkie. "This thing is what we're after. If we happen to get lost and our phones are out of service, we always have the walkie-talkies."

"Alright man, whatever you want," he spoke in an irritated tone.

The both of us to make our way into the woods. Jeff seemed to care less about the situation as he played on his phone. I, on the other hand, stayed wary of my surroundings. As we walked, we ran into a creek and stood around it, enjoying the calming feeling it gave. Well, I was at least. "Could you get off your phone and appreciate this?" I grumbled, beginning to get annoyed with Jeff.

"There's nothing fun to do," he hummed in return without taking his eyes off of his phone.

I gave a sigh and continued walking with him. We started snacking on some chips and water that I had packed for the journey. "It's starting to get late. How about we use the flashlights on our phones to see better?" I suggested and Jeff nodded. We turned them on and continued on the path again.

Jeff took a quick stop to do his business behind a large boulder. Suddenly, we heard footsteps coming our direction, and fast. Someone was running from something. A tall man, around his mid twenties, approached us, panting heavily. "You kids shouldn't be out here," he gasped, "there's a fucking monster out here. We all have to leave right now." He trembled in fear.

I stared at him. "We don't believe you." I lied. I did believe him.

The man shook his head and ran off, giving a silent plea for our safety.

Jeff and I glanced at each other cautiously and walked in the opposite direction of where the man came from to avoid whatever he was running from.

"Hey Jeff, do you believe what that man said? Even a little?" I questioned, trying not to make it obvious that I did believe the man.

"Of course not, He was probably drunker than a pirate after drinking two liters of beer," he snickered and I chuckled along.

We still continued walking. Joking around about the man from earlier. Out of nowhere, I tripped. Jeff burst out in laughter as I hauled myself to my feet. "This looks like it was dug by someone." I muttered, staring at the hole. It looked like it was dug out with a pitchfork in a circular shape.

"Ah it's probably just a farmer tired of his annoying wife," Jeff said while chuckling to himself. We started walking again and a few moments later we saw the same boulder from earlier. "This is what happens when we get sidetracked and keep going left," he grunted with disappointment.

Suddenly a cry of help sounded the once quiet and serene forest. The voice was familiar. Could it be the guy we encountered earlier? Jeff and I immediately began sprinting towards the direction of the scream in an attempt to aid him. 

Just as we arrived, the agonizing screaming ended and Jeff and I froze in horror. The man who had warned us about a monster had been mutilated. A large hole replaced his face, it seemed to have been dug out by something. The same thing happened to where his heart would have been. Blood pooled around the man as we heard a strange noise approximately 30 meters away from us. We slowly turned around and our eyes widened with terror. The creature stood still, staring directly at us. "Leave... now..." A hushed, raspy voice spoke in our ears. It must've come from the creature, although it's mouth didn't move. 

We bolted out of the forest as fast as we could, crying and screaming. The both of us headed for Jeff's house as our parents knew we were good friends and allowed me to stay the night with him. We called the police immediately and told them everything we could and explained everything from the man getting killed, how he got killed and the location. To our surprise the man is still missing and has been ever since. We couldn't sleep after witnessing what had happened to that man, specifically what had killed him. Although, one thing we both knew is that we were never gonna go near the Hitchen Forest again.