Morgan Andrew Robertson

Fourteen years before the famous Titanic sank into the North Atlantic Ocean, a man named Morgan Andrew Robertson wrote a book about a ship. The title of the book was Futility. The ship was a triple screw, with very few lifeboats, but no one really worried. It was practically unsinkable. It was the largest ship ever created and could hold a capacity of 3,000 passengers and crew members.

In the end, 2,500 passengers and crew boarded the ship. Then, one April night, moving at 25 knots, the ship struck an iceberg on its starboard side. It was in the North Atlantic when it sank, 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland. More than half of the passengers on board perished.

There are only two differences between this fictional ship and the real Titanic: The Titanic was moving at 22½ knots when it hit the iceberg and it had only 2,200 passengers and crew members on board. As for the name of this fictional ship?

It was called the Titan.