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Smack! The only thing I could perceive for a second was the metallic taste of blood. I had spat something hard out into my hand. It was a part of my tooth. I had chipped my tooth when I tripped and my face smacked into a tree. I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to look at Instagram while walking through the woods. Blood dripping from my mouth, I had decided I should just go back home. The 15 minute walk home was atrocious. My tooth hurt like hell, and the streets were seemingly abandoned, except for one person. He was a strange, tall, bald man about in his mid thirties, dressed in a black suit.

I had finally arrived at my house after the grueling trek home, only to realize the fraction of my tooth was no longer in my hand. I thought that was odd because I had been tightly grasping it the whole walk home. I didn't think much of that because I had probably dropped it. My dad didn't think that my tooth was that bad, which was odd because I definitely thought he would have taken me to the dentist. I took some ibuprofen and headed up to my room to work on some homework. After the day flew by, I finally laid in my bed and fell asleep.

That night I had an odd dream, I was at a park hanging on some monkey bars. I jumped down and began to climb up the structure. About half way up the structure I tripped and my head slammed and hit onto the bars of the structure. It obviously didn't hurt because I was dreaming, but my teeth felt like a weird substance. The best way to describe how my teeth felt was almost like marshmallows or something gummy. My teeth disintegrated into my saliva. I soon began to realize I was walking up, but not before I caught a glimpse of the man in the black suit. I thought he had just coincidently appeared in my dream, because random people I've only seen once have made appearances in my dreams.

The next day I was going on a walk with some of my friends. It was a very casual walk and we were talking about video games, sports, and girls etc. Then as we turned a corner there stood the man in the black suit. He was just staring. At me. I began to panic, my heart had dropped. Not at the fact that the man was right there, but there were 20 or so teeth cleanly lodged in his head. I kept my cool and managed not to physically react to the man. When we were about 30 yards away I looked back and the man was nowhere to be found.

"What the hell?" I questioned in a concerned manner.

My friends looked at me like I was going insane. Maybe I am.

"What are you talking about?" one of my friends wondered.

"There is no way you guys didn't notice that guy with teeth in his head," I said, my mind racing.

"You're not funny," one of my other friends added.

This was concerning me greatly. Why do they think I'm joking? I mean that is a joke I would make, but I would be lying if I said I was.

Later that night I slept with a lamp on in total fear of the Tooth man in the suit. I had the exact same dream that I had last night, but tonight I woke up in a cold sweat. I heard chattering outside my window. I gathered all my courage and pulled up one of my blinds. There in the distance stood... Nothing. The was nothing abnormal outside. I sighed in relief and decided to go back to bed. Chatter, chatter, chatter. There it was again. I looked outside again and this time I saw something unsettling. The Tooth man was walking down the street. From what I saw from the streetlight, the amount of teeth on his forehead doubled. I quickly jumped back in my bed, as paranoid as I've ever been. I began to ponder about the man's tooth count. Were the teeth in his head my teeth from my dream? It made sense as the teeth seemed to be proportional to the teeth I'd lost in my dreams. But then again why would someone, who nobody else could see, have actual human teeth in their forehead. I slowly fell asleep for the rest of the night.

Today I wasn't going to leave my house in fear. I slipped into a nap, most likely from the lack of sleep last night. Surprise surprise, I had the dream again. Three times. I woke up and decided to tell my parents about the man and the dreams I'd been having. I had forgotten that they were both at our family friend's house. I was home alone. I was beginning to become ridiculously paranoid. I put a baseball bat under my bed, just in case something bad happens. My theory was confirmed about the man's teeth. I had seen him out my window several times. Well, I wasn't entirely right. The Tooth Man had more teeth every time I saw him. By about 10:00 when I saw him he was entirely made out of teeth. At this point I was freaking out. Every minute I thought I heard chattering. I somehow managed to calm myself down enough to fall asleep.

The dream I had was different. I was in an all gray room standing with... the Tooth Man. He began to speak. "Terror. Scare them as much as you can. The longer way is superior, though I can not describe how." I had no clue what he was talking about, and I didn't care because I was waking up again. 2:47 was the time I woke up at. Something was severely off and I could feel it. There it was. Chattering. I was getting louder and louder. I swiftly grabbed the baseball bat under my bed and assumed a defensive stance with the bat. My door slowly opened and the Tooth Man stood in the doorway and slowly trudged toward me. I went to swing my bat at his disgusting head. For some reason, I couldn't. I was entirely petrified. He grabbed me and ripped my teeth out one by one. It felt like the dream, my teeth just melted. I then blacked out.

I woke up and immediately noticed many things were horrifically wrong. I was much taller and looked down and I was wearing... a black suit. I was in a weirdly familiar location. I could only see one person. A kid looking at something in his hand, who just tripped and smacked his face on a tree.