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I am not much of a traveller. I usually tend to just stay home and do things like play games, watch movies and eat some junk food. However, there was this one place a close friend of mine has told me about. I forgot its name, and even if I did remember its name, I'd rather not share it. It's for your own good.

His name is Fredrick J. Rodriguez. He is a kind-spirited, friendly person. He was also a tad-bit wisecracking. He told me about a location that I have never heard of before. He told me that he’s heard numerous amounts of rumors in which humanoid-like entities would actively hunt down, kill, and eat anyone that they come across. Like any sane person, I thought it was a load of bullshit. Fred didn't seem to believe it either, judging by how he described them.

I then packed up some snacks, drinks, and other stuff. I had to wait for a little bit (Fred lived about 4 hours away from me), so I watched some movies as a time-killer. After about 4 hours, I heard a knock on my door. I paused the movie, sprung up out of my seat, took the disc out and hastily put the disc back in its case. I then ran down stairs, and opened the door. “Hello!” Fred said excitedly. “Hey man!” I replied back to him. “The place is about 8 hours away, do you have all of the supplies you have?” “Yeah, I do.” I replied back to Fred. “Good, now let’s go.”

We went and drove through a road near the woods. It gave off a very noticeable “spooky” vibe to it, mostly because of the fact that we were driving to a weird abandoned town absolutely no one has heard of. But that wasn’t necessarily what made us uncomfortable throughout the drive. We felt like something was following our every move, but just couldn’t tell what. All of a sudden, me and Fred jumped a little bit in shock when we heard a strange bellowing sound.

“What the hell was that sound?” Fred asked me, sounding somewhat scared. “I’m not sure, but I think it was a bear or something.” He looked at me and was skeptical at first, but he just went with it and agreed with me. After all, we lived close to South Dakota (I didn’t live in SD, but live close to it. I am keeping my location anonymous for the time being.) when they used to have numerous amounts of black bears. This roar, however, just didn’t really sound right. It had more rage and ferociousness to it. But then again, it’s not like we just encountered a living dinosaur without noticing it.

After we got in the car and drove for 8 hours, we finally arrived. “Wow, I really didn’t expect this place to look like this!” Fred said, obviously surprised. “What did you expect from some obscure location no one has even heard of?” I jokingly stated. We both chuckled a little bit after the joke, and we then went into the town. The town, I honestly don’t know if I should even call it a town. It was empty, dirty, abandoned-looking, and deathly silent. Fred and I went to visit a couple of seemingly abandoned buildings. Some of these buildings were called things such as “Tom’s Barber Shop” “Bob’s Pizza and Sandwiches” and so on and so forth. Each one of these buildings smelled absolutely disgusting, as expected. However, the stench we smelled in the buildings kind of stood out in a way. I can’t put my finger on it, but something about it just... stood out.

The inside of these abandoned buildings looked bootleg in design, especially Bob’s Pizza and Sandwiches, which was practically just a cheap copy of Chuck E. Cheese’s. We went inside of Bob’s, because it just stood out to me and Fred and was the largest building in the seemingly abandoned town/village. As we stepped inside, we noticed that the place had animatronics on stage. One of them was a bear, another was a rat, the other looked like some kind of monkey, and the last one was definitely a duck. All of the animatronics were tattered and torn up, especially the duck, which was missing its right arm entirely, missing the back of its head, missing some of the plastic and fur on its left hand, and has numerous tears and holes in its left arm, chest, and legs. The lower section of its left and leg was missing all of its fur and plastic.

We saw old, moldy pizza on the filthy tables, and lots of disgusting food crumbs all over the floor. We quickly got out of the restaurant, as we couldn’t stand the smell. Seconds after we got out, Fred looked sick, like he was going to hurl at any moment. “Hey Fred. there’s a porta-potty right there.” I said to him. “Okay.” Fred replied. He quickly ran towards the porta-potty and violently opened the door. He then got inside of the porta-potty and practically slammed its door shut. I felt pretty bad for him, as he’s had a stomach illness for a while. But then again, we did just get out of an abandoned foul-smelling restaurant.

I then went for a little walk to kill some time, but then, I heard something. I went to the source of the sound, and saw a group of people. Some of them were squatting and bending over, putting their arms in a V-shaped position. The strangest thing about them, was that they were wearing chicken masks. I was both confused and surprised at the same time. I inched a little bit closer, and as soon as I took the slightest step, all of the people wearing the chicken masks immediately turned their heads in extremely strange, practically inhuman ways. I was shocked. Anxiety flooded my body like a tsunami flooding a city, as I wasn’t sure what the hell I was supposed to do! Should I run? Should I confront them? Should I start looking for Fred? I didn’t know at all.

The chicken-masked people got in an aggressive, predatory stance, as if they’re going to lunge at me at any moment. Without thinking of anything to do, I immediately grabbed a rock around the size of my hand and threw it at a decently long distance as an attempt to distract these things. When the rock landed on the ground, the chicken-masked people immediately turned their heads in the same inhuman, disturbing way, and ran towards the rock.

With my body filled with adrenaline, I quickly sprinted away from the area and ran towards the porta-potty that Fred was in. I literally started pounding on the door, desperately trying to get Fred to open. Fred immediately opened the door, worried sick. I told him about what I've seen, attempting to convince him that those humanoids we were talking about were real.

“Nonsense, I’m very sure you're just tryin’ to get a reaction out of me!” Then, precisely after he said that, an incredibly loud, thundering uproar was heard. We both quickly turned around to see a massive group of those “people” hungrily charging towards us. The most disturbing thing was that they didn’t have their masks and clothes. The chicken people (which is what I will refer to them from here on) had disgusting deformities to their body. Their mouths were revoltingly stretched out, with their yellow, rotting teeth barely poking out of their terrifying mouths. Their fingers were connected to each other, and they had a morbidly thin, near skeletal physique.

With barely any time to spare, me and Fred ran for our lives. We desperately looked for a building to hide in. “LOOK, OVER THERE!” Fred shouted, fearfully. He was pointing at a somewhat large, wooden building. We sprinted towards the building, flooded with adrenaline. I literally ran so fast into the building, that I tripped a little bit, scraping my knee across the wooden floors. “DAMN IT! OW!” I shouted, painfully. My knee started to bleed a little bit. Then, as soon as Fred jumped inside of the building, he yelped in pain, getting his leg grabbed and bitten by the chicken people. I grabbed both of his arms, desperately trying to drag him back into the building, as he screamed in agony, relentlessly kicking and stomping on the faces and arms of the chicken people, giving them multiple bloody bruises.

Then, suddenly, barely seconds before Fred was about to be dragged out of the building by the hungry monstrosities, a deep, loud, horrifying snarl was heard. The snarl was so loud, that it spooked the chicken people, giving them a petrified look on their revolting faces. The chicken people then instantly ran away, letting their tight grip off of Fred’s bloodied, injured leg. Me and Fred didn’t know what snarl came from, but we believed it came from a creature FAR more dangerous and aggressive than the chicken people. We then turned around, anxiously looking around the area to find the source of the sound. Then, me and Fred noticed a strange, boarded-up room about 4 meters away from us. I picked Fred up onto his feet, and helped him walk towards the blocked room. Then when we got to the room, we noticed a small amount of rotten brown-colored fur gently lay on the ground.

Then, almost instantly, seconds after we analyzed the strange piece of fur, a massive, dreadful bear humanoid jumped up from the ground, attempting to grab us. We barely dodged the attack, falling down in the process. I struggled to get up as Fred struggled even more to do so, as those things literally broke his leg and nearly ripped it off. I helped him up, and we both gave our best attempt to run away from the bear-like creature, which was tearing the wooden planks off of the doorway.

We ran outside, and as soon as we got out, we quickly looked back to see the abomination get out of the room. Its physique was as horrible as the chicken people. Its left arm and leg are extremely similar to that of a grizzly bear, while its right arm and leg were extremely similar to that of a human, making the thing walk/run with a limp. The nails on the right arm and leg were grossly elongated and out of proportion. The claws on the left arm and leg were terrifyingly long and looked like they were about 6 inches long. Its mouth was mildly elongated to resemble that of a grizzly, while its eyes were bloodshot, and resemble that of a human’s eyes, with the only difference between this thing’s eyes and a human’s eyes was that this thing’s eyes are a rotten-green color. The creature was also a little bit stocky, and looked like it was about 12 feet tall.

Fred quickly pointed at another building that was very small. We then rushed toward the building, the creature inches away from us, its breath banging on the back of our necks. We got inside of the building, and then, we saw another room with a door. Seconds after we got inside of the room, the door immediately closed by itself, with a wooden plank falling in front of the door, essentially locking/boarding up the door.

The bear humanoid banged and bashed on the door, angrily growling as it did so. It then stopped banging on the door, and walked away, its footsteps creating loud thuds as it walked across the wooden floor. The bear creature sadly moaned, most likely because it didn’t catch us. Me and Fred were extremely exhausted, barely being able to take even the slightest step.

After a few hours of passing out on the floor, we woke back up, with Fred being the first to wake up. We then found an exit about 3 meters away from us. Me and Fred, literally limping towards the exit, opened the loud, creaky door. As we went outside, a chicken person was in a bush, eating a mangled chipmunk, blood, flesh, and guts dripping from its mouth. It then noticed us, getting ready to attack. It charged at me, and then pounced on me. The chicken person then attempted to bite me, but couldn’t, as I grabbed the sides of its head. I kept on punching the chicken person hard in the head, while barely trying to choke it at the same time.

Out of nowhere, Fred tackled the monstrosity, wielding a large rock in his hands. He stomped on the abomination’s chest, attempting to restrain it. He then relentlessly bashed the thing in the head with the rock, gruesomely crushing it’s skull after about 28 hits to the head. Brain matter and blood oozed from the chicken person’s head, forming a small pool of blood on the ground.

Fred then threw the bloody rock at the thing’s already crushed skull, making some more brain matter and blood ooze from its head. Me and Fred then quickly ran away from the corpse, hoping to avoid attracting more chicken people. After walking through what felt like an endless forest, we wanted to give up and just let death take us with it. Then, barely visible from our view, a small field of grass near a building was seen. Me and Fred then inched closer, and saw some people. They were playing, and crawling on all fours. Some of them had strange growths resembling tails right above their rear. The strangest thing about them, was that they were wearing cat masks.


Written by SkullcrawlerBuddy
Content is available under CC BY-SA