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Me and Fred stood there, completely horrified. "There's literally more of these fucking monsters dude!" I whispered. Fred just stood still, as if he were paralyzed. The tallest cat person slowly began to walk up me, not Fred, just me for some reason. I know it sounds like I should've ran away, got out my pepper spray or something, but I didn't. Not necessarily because I'm stupid or anything, but because the cat person did something surprising. It calmly took off its mask, revealing its face underneath. I currently have difficulties describing the face, but I'll try. You know how the characters from the movie Cats look? The cat people look like this, but don't have fur and seem to be malnourished.

The cat person slowly took out his hand and said in a raspy, dehydrated sounding voice, "Welcome, human." I wasn't necessarily sure what to do, so I simply just took out my hand hand and gave the thing a handshake. I looked around and saw the other cat people, cheerfully clapping and yelling in excitement. I don't really know why, but I found it somewhat funny. Why are these guys getting all excited over a simple handshake? Maybe they wanted help with something? I wasn't really sure about it, but I did actually find out later.

I looked to my side and saw an unconscious Fred. He must've become exhausted after all of the chaos that happened earlier. "Hey, can I go to sleep man?" I said. "Yes, but you must go to our home to sleep. The beasts will come." the cat person I shook hands with stated. I did go with it obviously, as I overtly did not want a deformed bear and chicken trying to eat me again. "What's your name?" I asked for some reason. "Kamata." The tall humanoid replied. I looked around and saw two cat people carry Fred's knocked-out body into the building. I walked with them, as I was completely exhausted as well. I'll skip over some of the stuff we did when we got in there. Not to mention, the building itself didn't really stand stand out that much. It was the typical "big wooden building that no one knows" kind've thing.

I've been having nightmares about the experience I had yesterday. They were mostly about the bear and chicken people chasing me, successfully catching me and ripping me apart. They would always end with the bear creature, staring into my eyes. Its rotten-green, bloodshot eyes piercing into my soul. Because of these, I've had countless amounts of sleepless nights. I can't remember absolutely all of the dreams, but I do have a journal in case if there's a dream I successfully remember and want to note.

It was morning, and I decided that it would be cool to travel around the place a little bit. I walked around, mostly aimlessly in the surprisingly large building, just hoping to find something remotely interesting. Suddenly, I found a large air vent. I opened up the vent door, crawled in, and closed up the door. Surprisingly for my convenience, I found a slightly primitive-looking flashlight. I turned it on, and went crawling through the vent. As I climbed through, I actually did find things that caught my interest. I look through one caged vent door -- and found a cat person. It was gently crying in the corner, with the words "HE LIED TO US" crudely written on the wall with black ink.

I felt really bad for the poor thing, even though I didn't know it. Besides, who was "he?" Anyways, that pretty much besides the point. As I climbed through the seemingly never-ending vent, I looked through another one of the vent doors, I froze in complete horror. It was a pack of about four chicken people, carrying a deceased dog. They aggressively ripped the poor thing apart, flesh and blood flying everywhere. They than ripped open the stomach cavity and began to eat the innards. Only and specifically the insides. I felt like I was going to vomit, and no, it wasn't the typical "I'm so scared I'm gonna throw up!" kind of thing, I genuinely felt sick. I tried to hold in as much as I possibly could before I vomited all over the place.

Precisely after I puked, three of the abominations left with only one staying, still focused on eating the dog. I climbed away a little bit, turned around, and poked my head near the vent door. The bear creature sprinted towards the chicken thing and quickly picked it up into the air. The chicken creature could barely even fight back; as the bear creature effortlessly snapped its neck and tore its head off with spinal cord intact. I was horrified, not because of the blood and gore, but because of the bear thing's strength. One of the chicken people Fred killed took about 20 hits to the head before eventually dying, and this fuzzy bastard just casually killed it!

So, as I was climbing through the vents, there was another door that led to a liminal spaced room. I opened the door and got in to the room. In the corner was a small table with a tape recording. I walked over to it and pressed the play button. "I walk to the pentagram, the powerful artifact forming the portal to my savior. I walk in, and find myself near the thin window. It was easily smashed to pieces, as I crawled through the vent. I hear you, and I see you -- my savior. I always pray that you hear me. My hellish lord, I pray that you will flay the flesh and bone of the chicken. My hellish lord, I hope you save me, my savior. Can I get an amen?" The voice sounded painfully familiar, And I knew who it was. But I didn't care at the time, which was stupid of me. I did notice, however, that what seemed to be a place for a window, was completely shattered to pieces and just missing entirely.

I quickly crawled away, and eventually found a vent door leading to an empty door. I climbed out and put the flashlight down, which was stupid of me to do. As I got out, I felt a blunt object hit me in the head and heard a loud metal clang. As I fell down, I look up, and see a familiar face holding a small hammer. I woke up, tied to a large wooden pole. I was soon greeted with the masked face of my enemy, Daniel Johnson. Daniel was my school bully for the longest time, and has bullied me and everyone else since Second Grade. Absolutely no one liked him. He was extremely cocky and arrogant, inappropriate, and overall just a complete asshole.

"There we go now, chicken. We don't want our food running away now, do we?" I was pissed when he said this, as he ALWAYS called me chicken. "How the hell did you get here?" I angrily said. He didn't answer my question, he just shushed me. "Shh, quiet. I can here him limping along, limping!" He than walked away and opened a creaky door. The door closed by itself behind him, and some kind of radio turned on. "You need to nap, its bedtime! But you won't wake up in the morning, because you'll be dead." I pushed and pulled, desperately trying to get out of the ropes. "LET ME OUT YOU DICK!" I screamed.

A light shined, and showed that I was tied to a pole on top of a pentagram. I was horrified, but the terror didn't end there. I heard Dan yell through the speakers, saying things like "FREE ME, MY LORD!" and "TAKE THIS TENDER CHICKEN!" I heard deep growling and snarling -- it was the bear creature. "NO, MY LORD! YOU MUST FREE ME!" I heard Dan's bloodcurdling scream as I heard flesh tearing and bones crunching. Below the crack of the door was a pool of blood forming up. I somehow pulled through the ropes and practically sprinted through the front door frame.

I felt like I ran a marathon as I escaped, I saw two doors. The right one had three drawings on top, which were the bear, the chicken, and a pig. Below them were what I think were there names, "Ursrah, Galrah, and Porcrah". Above the pictures were the words "THE DEMONS". On the left was a picture of the cat person's face, with there species name "Felrah" and the words below the face were "THE ANGELS."