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You know Lovecraft's old story about Cthulhu? Well what if I told you he was real? He was said to have been trapped in the mirror world as he was about to awaken. What if I told you there was a way to use this fact to your own advantage? If you're still reading I guess you must be interested.

Take a domesticated animal, preferably a cat and cut open its stomach.

Drain the blood into a jar and pull out the heart and put it in the jar along with the blood. Let it sit for a hour—by then the stench will be unbearable without a mask.

Take out the heart and set it on a fireplace. Place a mirror on the ground and surround it with pig-fat candles. Light the candles.

Draw a pentagram with the blood of the cat before the heart burns up. Once the flames consume the heart they will turn green and will not go out unless you throw a page of the bible into the blaze.

Carefully move the fire into a bowl and place it in the center of the pentagram.

Stand up and position yourself at the bottom of the pentagram. Hold your wrist above the bowl.

If you've done the previous steps correctly you will notice you don't have a reflection.

Take out a knife and slit the middle of your hand. Let the blood land in the flames. The bowl will shatter and the fire will line up with the pentagram.

A portal will open in the center of the mirror; just big enough for some of Cthulhu's tentacles to fit through.

He will ask you to sacrifice the sight of one of your eyes to him so he can see through it—in exchange he will grant you control over all the demons that are in the vicinity.

If you say yes, the mirror will shatter once Cthulhu's tentacles are pulled back into the mirror world. You will have control over the demons, but when you die you will join Cthulhu in the mirror world as one of his servants.

If you say no however, quickly shatter the mirror and throw the tentacles into the flames. The remains of the mirror will disintegrate; once the tentacles are burned up, the flames will dissipate.

Oh, and one more thing—if you said no, never turn out the lights in a room with a mirror. If you do, well, have you ever wondered if that's really a reflection in the mirror?

Written by cthulhu4president
Content is available under CC BY-SA