Creepypasta Wiki

Whenever there is a full moon and you feel really depressed, go to any back country road, usually one that is never really used. Stand in the middle of the road. At exactly midnight, you will see a light in the distance. (Do not blink or do anything else to lose sight of it! The light will disappear, and you cannot perform this act until the next full moon.)

Just stare at the light, and they will eventually split into a pair of lights. Once close enough, you will notice that it is an old fashioned, rusty-brown semi tanker truck, if you study it, it will seem off. It has no manufacturer brand on it (Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, etc.), no trucking company logo, or even a license plate. It is absolutely unmarked.

You will feel an eerie sensation when around it. When entering it, the driver will be entirely enshadowed by the darkness, only seeing his outline from the moonlight. He will ask if you need a lift. If you say no, he will accept your decline, and drive off. If you request take a ride, he will ask you where to go. Say "anywhere safe." Sit beside him in the passenger seat (Do not look at him! No good will come of it!) and just fall asleep, or try to, at least. Closing your eyes hard shut is good enough.

You will not be seen again. It is said that the truck transports you to an alternate reality, an ideal world where crime and war are very little. All your desires, and dreams will come true. If you request a ride home, you will end up waking up in your own home, but you will slowly suffer and die of your most feared disease, and all of your five senses will be lost, one by one.