Darkness is a strange thing isn't it? The unknowingness of it all. What’s out there? What’s that feeling in your spine? That tingle that goes down your whole body.

What you feel is a voice. Not a voice you can hear, but you feel it. A voice you feel in the back of your mind, feeding off of your fear. These creatures are what made you afraid of your closet as a kid, what made you think there was something in the dark. They don’t exist through our physical plane. They exist in a plane above our comprehension. They are like what we call angels.

Though, they live for the other side of things, not for evil, but for their own reasons. Sometimes their reasons don’t fit well with ours. They feed from us, but they’re slowly dying, our fear of them has dropped since the days of internet, and video games. We slowly start to ignore them as time goes on. So they get desperate. They’ve struck out, on occasion at people. Killed a few, mentally scarred the others. First they start in your dreams, showing you images to frighten you, dead family members, catastrophes, things like that, then they start showing themselves while you're awake, once they've squeezed all they can from your dreams. Once you see them, you’ll never forget, they’re impossible to miss. Once you see one, it’s always there, watching.

Still want to mark that sound off as the house settling? Still want to keep your computer on all night to ignore them? Maybe one day you’ll see one. But I hope I’m wrong. Maybe you won't have to see the other world that we aren't meant to. Maybe...

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