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About two months ago, I stumbled onto this YouTube channel called, "The View of January 5th". This channel was pretty normal, to say the least. Each video was about 20 minutes long, and a girl going by the name of Hana Tanaka would be playing your average games, Minecraft and whatnot. This continued on until one Saturday afternoon. I was looking at my subscriptions and found a livestream playing, which was odd, because Hana usually only posted or livestreamed on Sundays, Wednesday, and Fridays. Wanting to see what it was about, I clicked on the video, and was early, shown when the video said "Your Livestream Shall Start in a Little Bit,"

5 minutes later, Hana appeared on the screen. But something was off about her. She had dyed her hair black, and she looked almost tired. The livestream chats were flooded with comments, saying that something was weirdly off about her, with a few commenters even asking if she was ok. Hana must've read the comments, because she responded that she was fine.

Hana began her usual routine of setting up a game, which happened to be Subnautica. As she was playing, a huge bang was heard in the background. I typed that I heard a bang, but Hana was too busy playing her game to notice. Finally, someone finally managed to get her attention, and Hana took off her headphones and walked to the door.

Silence filled the room for nearly 5 minutes. Then, out of nowhere, a alarming scream was heard. I was startled and everyone else watching must've been too, because they began typing in the chats. For the next three minutes, multiple users began expressing their utter horror, with many wondering if she was alright. Then, three gunshots rang out. I was in utter shock now, about to close the tab, but I stopped myself and continued watching the livestream.

A minute later, a masked man wearing a pig mask entered the room, observing the area. He managed to find the computer and stared at it for a little while, waved, and left the room. The people watching the livestream said nothing in the chats for the next few minutes. Then, Hana entered the room. I immediately noticed that she was crying, as her makeup was flooding down her cheeks. Her hands shaking, she put on the headphones, and then began reading off a piece of paper, crying as she did so.

" of J-january 5-5th, 2..2023, W...we have c...captured t...this ff-family. W...we d...demand 5..5 m...million, a...and t-the b-boy w-will be s-set f-free" Hana tearfully said, hiccupping between words. I was in utter horror. The livestream chat was flooded with comments, asking why Hana wasn't included. But Hana suddenly took a revolver, aimed it to her temple, and pulled the trigger, followed by her lifeless body falling to the ground seconds later. I was in utter horror, and multiple users took to the chat, thinking this was all some elaborate prank. However, a minute later, another man wearing a pig mask came into focus on the screen. He suddenly slammed the table, and stared deeply at the screen.

"I believe Miss Tanaka here wasn't clear enough," Pig man said, still staring into the camera, "We want 5 million dollars to be sent into this bank account," he held up a piece of paper containing the account number and password, "And the boy will be set free. This was only a demonstration of what will happen if you do not obey our commands."

The feed then cut out, and the livestream ended...