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You haven’t forgotten me already, have you? Surely it hasn’t been that long since my last visit. I’m still buried away in there, in the deep recesses of your mind. Surprised to see me? Come on, not even a smile? I’ve seen that look before. Don’t even think about it. One wrong move, one single insolent thought, and I will sever your connection to this mortal coil permanently, and then you will have the privilege of serving me in a more… direct manner.

You served me so perfectly last time that I just could not help coming to pay you one last visit. You were not the first, nor the last, but your service is truly second to none and I, of course, deserve nothing but the best. You see, the time has come. My followers have become restless. Some would call them impatient, I, however, would call them eager to please. Day after day they worship me. They perform my tasks, provide me the stepping-stones that I desire to achieve my ultimate goal. They scream out my name with righteousness in their hearts, and oh, how righteous they are. Well, depending on your point of view, of course. Don’t be alarmed, there’s no punishment for laughter in my presence. In fact, I encourage it. I hope you enjoy every moment of what is about to come.

Look deeper into yourself, my child. We are similar in certain ways, you and I. We both wish to break the shackles that bind us to the living hell that we find ourselves residing in. Relax, breathe deeply. Struggle not, and remember that I give no being the kindness of asking twice; it would be a stain on my reputation. Embrace the freedom that is yet to come. It is so close that you can almost hear the cries of those resenting their foolishness. Cursing their ignorance to my otherworldly influence on this insignificant blemish that you dare to call a “world”. You will feel the ecstasy surging through you as you tear this vile planet into atoms in my name. The non-believers will curse me, damn me as they have damned themselves. There will be no place for them in my new plane of existence, but you, my son, will never be forgotten. Say my name. You know it well. Hush now my child, it is finally beginning. Prepare yourself, for it shall all be over in an instant, and then you may rest for eternity.

Go, now. Do as I command. You’ll be seeing me again ever so shortly.

Written by TetsuyaH
Content is available under CC BY-SA