It's warm, so warm and comfortable it makes me feel protected and no fear can reach me because I am where it feels right.

Even I don't remember what happened to me before living here...

It doesn't matter because your love makes me smile.

So many emotions, sometimes I can hear you talking though I can't understand you. Your voice makes my little heart palpitate really fast, I wish I could see your face... if you have one.

Yesterday I heard you scream, I felt sadness for the first time and it was not a good feeling. It hurts so much, I don't want you to be sad or mad... is it because of me?

I hear another voice screaming, the voice is different, its not your voice, it is a thick voice and every time I hear it it makes me feel so sad...I don't like that voice, I hate it.

Why are you sad all the time now?

I don't feel happiness anymore, I don't want you to be sad...

Why is the thick voice hurting us? Is someone hurting him, maybe it is me...maybe I am making both of you sad...

I am sorry.

My biggest dream is to see you, is it your dream to see me too?

What are those sounds? It seems like you're sad're not screaming, you're making strange little sounds, it sounds like a small sad laughter...

I can feel you touching the barrier that protects me, are you trying to caress me? Because it feels so...different, so enjoyable, one day...will I be able to touch you too?

I can hear another voice outside, I do not know this voice, but I don't like it.

I can feel something cold hurting my hurts so much it's like it is pulling my legs off...

There a red liquid coming out of my body...this liquid comes out from where it hurts.

I don't feel my legs anymore...the cold thing penetrates my flesh and pulls it out piece by peace.

For the first time I feel fear and it makes liquid fall from my eyes...and I am making the sound you made when I felt your touch.

Your screams...I can't take them anymore, your that how it's like outside?

What's happening outside...I feel so sleepy. Maybe this is how... I... I... go outside.

Maybe I will be able to see you now. I will hug you and stay close to you...the cold thing keeps pulling my arms. I am almost out and after that...I will finally see you...


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