Evil Bird

The Bird Doesn't look evil, to you it may not

When I moved to my new home, I had a trampoline. Every day I was on the trampoline, there was this one bird that watched me. It didn't blink, just watched. When I told my parents about it they told me it just wanted to play. I told them it was evil! They wouldn't listen!

One day, it was watching me, cleaning itself. I tried to scare it only to realize what my parents said- that it was playing- was way off from what it was about to do. It let a loud eerie bird howl, and leaped at me, biting me.

I had blood trickling down to my hands from my head and neck. I fell on the trampoline, with the bird on me, tearing my skin, till I grabbed it and threw it off me. I ran inside quickly.

After a few weeks of healing I was finally better. But at school people thought I was weak for being attacked by a bird. My friend thought I was weak and asked me if he could come over on Saturday. I let him.

That Saturday he arrived. I opened the door.

"Welcome Dez," as we nicknamed him.

"Where's the bird?!" he shrieked, only reminding me of that sick bird that attacked me.

"Are you sure, Dez?" I asked him nervously, only to see him nodding back without hesitating.

I lead him around the back to where the bird sat, since my parents were away I knew I had to save him from this bird.

"Dez, don't go near it," I whispered to him, only to see him nearing it.

It stared with an eerie eye. "DEZ!" but before I yelled in time, he had been attacked by it. It ripped out his organs. His veins. "Dez..." the bird finally flew away. I started to cry as I lost my friend. "Desmond!"

The bird swooped at me, but has left me alone since then, killing random young kids.

News reports spread of this bird. It hasn't been seen with its swift movement.

All I remember is the day Desmond died. I want my revenge on it.

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