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Everyone has been to the "weird part" of YouTube. If you haven't then I suggest you try to do so. It's a very simple process. In fact, to make it even easier I will lay this out in step by step form.

Step #1. (Important) You find any video you want. Absolutely anything you want. A cat video, a music video, anything. Something from Japan will work best.

Step #2. Click on the strangest related video. The absolute most mind-blowing looking thumbnail or title.

Step #3. Continue step #2 until the most liked comment is, "I'm in the weird side of YouTube again", or something along those lines.

Now, this alone isn't all that scary. It's mostly just funny. You can laugh at failed ads or absurd stuff from different cultures. Sometimes it gets scarier. A dancing girl with no arms or legs. Someone with a shit load of tattoos eating glass. A crazed hill-billy ranting about how the government will kill everyone.

It gets stranger though. Dig deep enough and you can find actual death. I don't mean like the news stories on people getting killed; I mean full on amateur snuff films. No after effects or CGI, real people getting killed. You're wondering why YouTube doesn't take them down, aren't you? Well there are two reasons for this.

First, there are days worth of video being uploaded every minute. So much that it just can't be analyzed by the YouTube staff. They take down anything pornographic that isn't art, but even that slips through.

Second, money. YouTube only pays attention to the stuff that pays, is protected by copyright or gets a large amount of views in a short amount of time. That last one is the reason for the "301 views" phenomenon.

Due to these reasons there are plenty of people who can easily upload almost unnoticed videos. Some of them truly are unnoticed with only two or three views. There are a ton of these "amateur snuff films" that just require a while of searching. Just try for a few hours. Just be warned, you might not hate what you see. You might just want to see more.

Or, you might just want to try making one of these videos. After all...

They have to come from somewhere.