It's a rainy night and you are lying in bed texting a close friend. It's past twelve o'clock and the rest of your family is sound asleep. As the raindrops tap against your window, you notice another sound that doesn't fit in. Although the sound is coming from outside, it seems as though it is coming from inside of your house.

It's the Whistling Man. Motionless, you hear his cheerful tune grow louder as the source gets closer. You begin to panic inside, but remain stone on the outside. As soon as it began, the whistling suddenly ceases. Unsettled yet relieved, you continue texting your friend, mentioning the strange occurrence. Your friend agrees that it is peculiar, then leaves to rest for the night. Eventually, dreams overcome you and the event is pushed out of your mind.

When you awaken, you notice a notification alert on your cell phone. Upon checking it, you are brought to a new email from your friend's mother informing you of their sudden passing. Shocked, you read through the entire message and find a sound file attached to it.

Assuming it is important, you tap the link and the file opens up in your phone's web browser. You check the volume before pressing play. You lose all color as that familiar whistling tune begins to flow from the speaker of your phone. Terrified, you immediately exit out from the page. The whistling does not cease this time. It's louder now. In fact, it's almost as though it were coming from behind you.

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