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The White Nightingale

"The White Nightingale, majestic Creature, never seen before" I wrote into my bird watching journal. I quickly took my camera out and snapped a photo of it sitting on a branch. This bird was a new species, at least to me. After a long day of birdwatching, I headed to my local drugstore to get the film printed and put in my notes. After 15 minutes, the pharmacist said:

"Odd choice for a photo."

"What do you mean?" - I responded

"If you were trying to take a photo of a bird, it is not there." - He replied

"What do you mean?" - I asked

"See for yourself." - He answered.

He hands me the photo, there was no bird on it. I was baffled. I decided to buy some more film for my camera before leaving. Heading home, I wondered why the camera did not pick up this bird. I decided that tomorrow, I will head to the tree branch where it was taken, because it will be too hard to catch the bird, and I might get called crazy for capturing a wild bird. I hurried back home before nighttime.

June 12, 2003

I headed into the edge of the forest, where the White Nightingale resides. I took a piece of the trunk and brought it back home. I inspected the piece and found out something strange:

There was no bug residue, like it was coated in a repellent. The back of the piece, the part attached to the tree, had a different texture than the part outside. The piece had traces of metal inside. It shocked me when I did not wear non-conductive gloves

I knew this tree was more likely not a real tree. This meant that the only life that is living in the tree must also be connected to the tree's origins. The White Nightingale. Was the bird connected to the tree other than by chance.I knew that the tree was not real, but was the bird also not real? The tree looked very convincing. So maybe this bird was also not real.

That was when it hit me. The trunk is too strong to break through, but the bird is not. If I can get my hands on a feather, or even the bird, I can determine if there is robotic birds in Florida.

I gave myself until Monday to come up with a cage and a plan.

Monday, June 17, 2003

I headed into the forest and set up the cage on top of the branch. Sure enough, The White Nightingale got there right on schedule. I let go of the rope holding the cage and dropped it on top of him. I caught it with efficiency and then headed to my basement, the only place where electronics seem to malfunction.

The White Nightingale inspection[]

When I plucked a feather off the bird, it did not flinch. I instantly knew that this bird did not feel pain. The feather had no residue or resemblance that it belonged to the bird, more so that it looked like it belonged. I decided to abandon all morality and cut open the bird. There was multiple wires at the beginning and there was no blood or any organs inside the bird. I knew that it was an E-Bird, like from a movie. I found the GPS in a couple of minutes and disabled it. I also disabled my phone. In a couple of minutes, I knew that whoever was behind this will be coming for me. That is why I decided to put the microchip inside the lightbulb on my basement. This journal, if it was given to you, that means that I trust you to use this information for good. Use this to expose مشروع العندليب (Project Nightingale).

Sincerely, WiredFireball