It was there, still and sound as it always was. It didn’t twitch nor did it turn. But today was definitely different. It sent creeps down my spine. I realized what it meant to shiver. Shiver right to the bone like a chilled steel sword jabbed into lungs. Yes, my chest was hurting, hurting from the nonsensically loud muscle beating at its peak. If only it quieted for a moment to calm my mind. But no it didn’t, instead, my chest constricted at the tiniest of the movement in the room. The slight ripple in the shirt on the hook looked like a huge wave swallowing everything in its way. Yes, everything appeared moving too rapidly when the window set its cold gaze upon me.

It's 2:00 in the night. Nothing special, my general time of activity. But why was the open window creeping its way onto my nerves slowly like the snake approaches its oblivious prey, surreptitious in every inch of its movement? Yes, the mundane window had suddenly brought me to tears. Each cell crying out for rescue, neurons charged up, adrenaline rushing out for nothing more than the mundane window. The lonely night poured out of the cursed window as I nonchalantly ignored it. It loomed over me with its tentacles lashing out to reach my mind. I tried to deny it. Nothing stupid like that can exist. Yes, this seems more reasonable. But the darkness was reaching its prime, the window as its conduit. The light in my room wasn’t enough, it merely lighted my room and couldn’t really protect me from the everlasting despair from this wretched window.

As I gape at the stubborn window, I see numerous entities that I would have waved away with a brush of my hand. But not this time, each and every minor being screams at me, inciting terror from within. I see a clown suddenly popping up each time I turn and he disappears before I can set my eyes on him. He appears again and from the corner of my eyes, I can see him grin devilishly, satisfied at my confusion. He is ready to disappear again, he wants to stay at the window just to watch me panic. No, I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction he doesn’t deserve. I keep typing in the things just to ignore him. I hope he disappears anytime now, disappointed. I’ll keep denying he exists, there he makes an imperceptible sound to catch my attention but he can try harder. Yes, that’s what I’ll do, hope that he’ll leave me with his cold, dark eyes on someone else. I type, type till he vanishes, type till it ends...

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