Dried well

The Wishing Well

There was a small town that was known for having a wishing well that seemed to glitter from inside the hole. People would drop their coins in, and when they heard a small splash, they made their wish and went about their day.

It was a tradition of people to do this every Saturday on their way home from work. Something was peculiar with this particular well.

No matter what heatwave, blizzard, tornado, or any natural disaster happened, a splash always accompanied the well when a coin was tossed in.

No one collected from this well for years, mostly from the fact that people mostly threw in pennies or dimes. No one maintained it either, mostly because one day, the well began to smell. It drove people away, and eventually, maintenance was demanded on the well.

The first thing they did was drain the well. They shone a light into the well to see the source of the stench. Perhaps there was mold in the glittering water?

The light cut through the darkness to reveal a homeless old man. He had leaned over in hopes of catching some coins and fell in. The blood from him hitting the bottom head first was all along the bottom. It had turned out, that the well had kept its splash from the moisture collecting in his now empty head. This moisture also caused the body to begin to rot.

They only found 15 dollars in that well.

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