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The news was on in the living room, it was the same old same old about the recent murders. They called this killer "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Whoever this person was they would lure the people in with their charm and have a good time with them. After they got bored of that they would off the person in gruesome ways. Detective Jordan tapped his foot while watching the news, he was irritated by this new murderer. He was so close to catching them the other night when he saw someone luring a young lady in to an alleyway, and he saw the murderous intent by the person's body movements. He had them, right in front of him, but they slipped right from his finger tips. Hearing the news and thinking about this made him agitated, livid even.

Jordan stood and went to his study, looking at the pictures he had of the crime scenes. They were all somehow connected, the way they were killed, the way the body was found, and the time. The time each body would be found was planned. It was impossible to know when the police would arrive at the crime scene, it was like trying to tie a rope around a fly, you couldn't do it. But somehow, this killer knew how to. They knew exactly when the police would arrive, and exactly when to kill the victim. That's what stumped the detective, he couldn't wrap his head around it. Jordan sighed, grabbing his coat and deciding to go to the office, wanting to look over the bodies again.

There was something he wanted to check, he wanted to look at the slash marks every body had, wanting to see if they were the same. He walked out of the house, locking it up once he walked out. He had his hands in his pockets, whistling as he walked to the office, he had no car at the moment since he totaled it a few weeks ago trying to avoid hitting a deer. He saw something in the corner of his eye and he looked over. A man stood there, wearing a classy suit and a fedora that matched. Jordan sized the man up, he saw he was about 7''2 and he was clearly waiting for someone. Jordan kept walking, looking forward and ignoring the man, perhaps he was waiting for a date or a friend. It was a fancy restaurant he was standing by, after all.

The detective looked at his watch, 7:30. He sighed, knowing it would take him a bit to reach the office. He began to wonder if he should call a cab or keep walking. In the midst of his thoughts, he froze, feeling that eyes were watching him. He turned quickly, seeing that the man was staring at him. What shocked Jordan was the bright red eyes the man had, they didn't look...normal. Yet again, he only saw red eye contacts before, so maybe the man was wearing contacts? Jordan shook his head, starting to walk again with his hand near the gun he had in the pocket of his jeans. The man made him uneasy, he felt a sense of danger while he was being watched.

He decided to call an Uber to drive him to the office, tapping his foot after he made the call. He sighed, sitting on the bench.

"How long is this guy gonna take?" he thought out loud, agitation in his voice.

His head ached and it was spinning. He heard footsteps and he looked up, seeing the man walking by with a another man, maybe his brother. Jordan went back to looking at the ground and thinking. He called the Uber and he found out the roads were too icy where they were due to the previous snow. He groaned loudly, getting up and walking again. He wondered why the two men didn't go in the restaurant, he then saw the bar up ahead, maybe they were drinking together? He heard a scream coming from the alleyway and he quickly ran over, the man wearing the suit had stabbed the younger male in the arm. Jordan quickly ran over and tackled the man in the suit, this ended up in a wrestling match. Jordan felt a sudden pain in the side of his neck, then everything went black.

It felt like hours had passed once Jordan opened his eyes, he was tied up and gagged, the side of his neck throbbed and he tried to see clearly. He saw the younger male hanging from a meat hook, he was dead. So this was the notorious killer he had ran in to, "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". He heard foot steps and he closed his eyes again, pretending to be passed out. He heard the cutting of flesh, and then the spill of blood. The killer was bleeding out the young male and Jordan wanted to throw up due to the sound alone.

"I know you're awake, detective," the man's voice was a deep growl and there was almost a hiss to the voice, "no need to pretend, it seems we've been studying each other for a while now. I looked through your study."

Jordan opened his eyes, looking at the man with a glare, he was startled, seeing the man no longer wore a suit, but a pair of sweats and a button up shirt. A crooked grin was plastered on the man's face and he took the gag out of Jordan's mouth.

"You crazy bastard! Let me go!" Jordan snapped, struggling to get free.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, detective. You know too much," the man said, grabbing the detective and putting him on a chair.

Jordan struggled, kicking his feet and wiggling around. There was a sudden pain in his side and he stifled a gasp, he looked down, seeing he had been stabbed. The knife was then ripped out and he was stabbed in the leg, he let out a scream. He was stabbed multiple times, blacking out after a bit.

A few hours later he heard a commotion, fighting and sirens. He opened his eyes and saw that the killer had fled the scene at once, a K9 unit following him. He blacked out again, and everything went silent.

He woke up again in a hospital, receiving medication and blood through an IV. He felt pain whenever he made the slightest movement. He knew he was finally safe, or so he thought. The killer was still out there, and he finally knew why he was called "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". He acted like a normal kind gentlemen and appeared harmless. This was all a part of the killer's plan, act innocent, then strike when they least expect it. Jordan shivered, knowing they would never catch the killer, and knowing he could've saved a life. He was glad he survived, but devastated that a family lost a loved one.

He slipped in to sleep, feeling peaceful and relaxed. He had a feeling he was still in danger, but he was glad he would be safe....for now.