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Maybe you can solve this mystery.

Sofía's case is possibly one of the strangest about disappearances in Argentina. Hundreds of people have tried to solve the mystery that revolves around this case, but despite all efforts, no one has been able to reach the truth.

Sofía Soria, was a sports girl, who at the time of her disappearance was only 17 years old. During 2012, every weekend, Sofía met with a small group from Mouten Bike called "MTB Stolas" in Pereyra Iraola Park, an extensive urban park located in the province of Buenos Aires Argentina.

One autumn Saturday around 6:00 p.m., Sofía was with her friends from MTB Stolas, near the Crystal Tree. According to the members of the group, this was the end point of the route. Before continuing with the case, I would like to tell you that The Crystal Tree is very famous, because it is a specimen of "Agathis Alba", which is considered unique in South America. It is called Crystal Tree because it secretes a resin that, when deposited in the form of tears on the trunk, generates multiple reflections. Supposedly this type of trees can reach 40 meters in height and precisely that of the Pereyra park is no exception.

When the whole group of Mouten Bike was a few meters from the Crystal Tree, one of the boys realized that Sofia was no longer with them... According to this person, seconds before discovering that Sofia had disappeared, both They were having a conversation, but when he looked away from her, strangely, Sofia was no longer at his side.

At that moment, he he thought that maybe Sofia had fallen, but I quickly discard that theory because the road was quite clean and there were no wells of any kind. Once the group realized what had happened, they all started looking for Sofia in the surroundings of the area. One of the guys tried to call her on her cell phone, but her calls always ended up being routed to her voicemail.

When everyone realized that something strange was happening, they decided to call the police and of course, Sofia's family. Exactly at 7:00 p.m., the police appeared at the scene, and after the entire group explained the situation, an exhaustive search began throughout the park ... However, the hours passed and Sofia did not appear anywhere, there was no trace of her, much less of her bicycle.

It should be mentioned that during the hours that the police and Sofía's relatives were looking for her, the entire MTB Stolas group were questioned at the Third Police Station in Berazategui to rule out any type of connection with her disappearance. Finally realizing that none of the boys from Mtb stolas were involved in Sofia's disappearance, they were all able to return to their homes.

Four months after Sofía's strange disappearance, something unexpected happens in Pereyra Iraola Park.

At approximately 5:00 p.m., a group of boys were resting under the crystal tree, when one of them discovered something unusual. At the top of the Crystal Tree, a completely rusty bicycle was embedded, None of those present could believe what they were seeing, because no one could climb a tree approximately 40 meters high, to leave a bicycle and then go down of the. Quickly, all the people who were in the park started heading to the crystal tree, because they couldn't believe that there really was a bicycle at the top of the tree. As expected, the whole group of MTB Stolas went to the place, and when they saw the bike, they decided not to waste time and call the police.

Minutes later, the police went to the place together with a group of firefighters who quickly analyzed the situation, and with the help of an extension ladder, they went up to take the bicycle, one of the firefighters said that it was very difficult to lower it, due to because many small branches of the tree were holding the wheels tightly and that they were forced to cut them, because it was almost impossible to remove them in a normal way.

When the bicycle was finally on the ground, the members of MTB Stolas began to observe and after several minutes, they confirmed that indeed, the bicycle belonged to Sofia. The situation was truly strange, how did the bicycle end up in that place? Why was it so run down? and of course where was she sofía?

This mysterious case, caused people to start talking about cospirational theories, which for the most part revolved around a satanic sect, which apparently had originated in the same Park in 1903.

when the land still belonged to them. to the Pereyra Iraola Family. According to what is said, in 1903 a group of practitioners of black magic believed that a legendary demon called Stolas lived in the crystal tree, which would give power and protection to all who venerate it. The members of the sect met at night in the crystal tree and supposedly began to perform human sacrifices in honor of the demon.

Once the sacrifices began, strange things began to happen to the employees of the Pereyra Iraola and even to the very members of the important family. It is at this time when several people disappear in the vicinity of the ranch and it was gaining fame as "The cursed ranch". However, many people assure that this story is not true, and that it is simply an urban legend ... Because there was no way to prove the existence of the sect, just as there is no way to link the disappearance of Sofia with the same.

On the other hand, a very interesting theory has been handled, but... immensely supernatural.

Some experts in paranormal phenomena have suggested the theory that Sofia was absorbed by the Crystal Tree, because there are legends of trees that swallow humans, and these myths are popularly from Southeast Asia, where one of the suckers was originally found. of the crystal tree.

It is believed that when a person is absorbed by an Agatis alba, the person does not die, but is sent to a parallel Dimension ... Those who believe in this theory say that this is the reason why the bicycle appeared. At the top of the tree, apparently the same tree expelled the bicycle, because biological beings are the only ones capable of crossing through parallel dimensions.

However, if this theory were true, why were Sofia's friends not absorbed?. Is it possible that there really is a conspiracy to cover up the case? And if so, what would be the reason? Maybe you can solve this mystery.

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