Author's note: I have a blended religious history. I was raised Christian but converted to Wicca in my Sophomore year in high school. I’ve always been more spiritual than religious though, knowing the fickle nature of religion.

So, I have a theory that stems from first hand experiences. I meditate, astral project, lucid dream, and what have you. I have drawn down the moon and communed with the stars sky clad. I have, at least it seems to me, seen the spirits of the deceased roam among us. I now have come to the following conclusion.

There is no afterlife. There is no reincarnation. There is no just dissipation after death where we fade into eternal nothingness. Our bodies die, but we stay. We congregate around who we cared for the most, and those of us who cared about no one wander aimlessly.

I have seen the spirits of deceased children and infants clinging blindly to their mothers as if it will bring them back. I’ve seen deceased parents and grandparents holding up struggling descendants throughout all walks of life. I’ve seen some simply stop caring, and that’s the worst. They get sick of who they have held on to for this entire time and simply just stop. They will swap or just leave. That’s horrible to me. There are others that will not attach to anyone intentionally and just float and wander. I have spoken with them. They tend to reason that they see no purpose in trying to support those who will die anyway. And after soul searching and a lot of thinking, this is the final thing I’ve pulled from this:

You become what these spirits and souls are.

The mothers whose children have passed away early? They become needing, but loving none the less. But what of those whose children didn’t know how to cling? The aborted. The forgotten. The abandoned. Them? They look for openings and bare spots so they can be loved, as all people deserve.

The children and teens and adults whose parents and grandparents support them? They become pillars of strength for their friends and associates to lean on. You all know the type. The ones with confidence and answers.

Those with none that hold on to them? You might see them walking down the hall in your school, or down the street of your neighborhood. The one’s the bullies of your little social food chain pick on. They call them freaks. The emos, the goths, the metalheads. The ones who need the most help and support, but can’t get it.

Not all of them are pleasant though. They retain themselves after death. So those psychotic serial killers, maddened rapists, and twisted torturers still are who they were. They can just move freer.

Now that you know some of the basic ones, which are you? How many of your dead relations are attached to you? How many shadows on the wall have you dismissed as being nothing but tricks of the light or being over-tired? How many things have you seen that could have possibly been a loving family member or friend? How many were not?

Written by Aeternum Nox
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