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There was a ghost in my hallway.

I wake up in the middle of the morning on my kitchen floor. I hadn't a clue of how I got here, as I could have sworn I went to sleep in my bed. I get up and look around, my eyes adjusting to the dimly lit room, as a strange feeling of uneasiness passes over me. I had this urge to leave the house, almost as if there was some kind of.. wicked entity lurking around.

I turn towards the front door of the kitchen. I was about to walk over and open it until the lights in the living room suddenly turn out. The hair on my neck stood up. I quickly turn to look behind me, only to see that nobody was there.

I stood there, frozen in place. Then, the kitchen light turns out. Startled, I immediately reach over to flip the switch.. but nothing happens. At this point, I truly felt as if my life was in danger. The room was dark, not completely dark, but like the kind of darkness in the early morning.

I quickly make my way towards the kitchen door and open it, revealing the dark hallway, along with the attic door. I walk into the hallway, but I wasn't able to see anything. Making my way down the stairs would be an impossible feat. The only thing I could see was a little bit of the attic door. I swear I heard a light bang from up above. I stood there, staring at the door. I halfway expected a serial killer to burst open the attic door, but it never happened. I look towards the downwards staircase. That's when that strange feeling passes over me again. Something was wrong. I could hear a strange sound. It was coming from behind the attic door, "dowt.. dowt.. dowt.." I start to panic, as the door slowly starts to open on its own. Cold air could be felt easing out of the attic. The temperature in the entire hallway had dropped tremendously, as the sound could be heard right in front of me. I quickly turn around and run back into the kitchen, closing the door and locking it.

I slowly back up until I hit the counter behind me. The weird sound was gone, but I could still feel a presence standing outside of the kitchen door. I look towards the dinner table, only to notice that there was a stuffed wolf toy sitting on it. I don't remember it being there before. It looked strangely familiar. The sun was rising, and the house was slightly getting brighter, but I didn't know what to do. Should I run out of the house? Scream? Wait until morning?

That's when the kitchen door vigorously slams open, smashing into the counter next to it. I then see a dark silhouette standing right in the doorway. The wolf plush on the table starts to rock back and forth by itself. I quickly run out of the kitchen and into my bedroom, shut the door, lock it, and get into my closet.

I sit there for minutes and minutes.

I was just sitting there, I almost expected the door to burst open like it did in the kitchen. I kept hearing those noises. After a few hours or so, I finally gathered up enough courage to leave the closet. I ease my way out and walk over to the bedroom door. I unlock the door and slowly begin to open it.

I peeked my head out of the room and look around, The room was Ice cold, but there was nothing there. The strange feeling was gone, the evil presence that I felt was no longer there. I walk out of the room to try the light switches, and sure enough, the lights worked. I moved into a new home a few days ago, and to this day, I still have no idea of what happened in that house.