We invite Them into our home. We only think of the pleasures They will bring to us. The pride, the glory, and if we're lucky, the wealth. But that isn't always the case. They are mischief makers. They willingly destroy property. Smashing valuables. They know full well what they're doing, but They don't care, and They never will.

We think They won't be like that. We don't know how wrong we are. We hear horror stories, but we think They will be different. There are many of Them, being invited willingly into our world each day. They are the reason we stay up at night, unable to go to sleep. They are the reason that what little sleep we can get isn't very helpful, seemingly making it worse.

They start out with smaller incidents. Keeping us awake at night, sapping our time and energy each day. But then it goes to damage. Smashed glassware, jewelry, and even furniture.

Finally, physical harm. Bruises, dislocated limbs, broken bones. They still remain unaffected by scolding, not even noticing as we try to hurry to them when they finally pay off. But it never works. It never will. We can run away, but only for a short while. You have to go back eventually. They stay for many years. Once you invite Them in, They will stay for many years.

Many people have Them, but even with evidence, the people still expect the same thing, for it to be rewarding right away. It never is. They can keep you from working, making you run low on money, food, and more.

But then again, They're kids, so what do you expect?

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