“They have no reflection! He is one of them!” I turned around and blindly lodged my knife into what I thought had been my friend.

I fell back, baffled by the course of events that just happened.

What I had thought was a man, no less my friend, lay before me, covered in blood. My knife lay lodged in his forehead, and I had no intention of retrieving it. I crawled back and attempted to catch my breath.

I felt a reassuring grasp on my shoulder and I turned to face what I thought was a savior. I tried to spit out my thanks but he stopped me.

“Catch your breath friend, no need to thank me." he said.

I gathered my bearings and as soon as I could, exited the warehouse. He walked behind me, strangely and amazingly calm. Any man who came in contact with those… things was sure to be even a little shaken. I turned around and asked something that had been on my mind, “How did you know they had no reflections?”

He smiled and replied, “You could say experience”. I accepted his answer and was about to take a turn back to my car when he stopped me.

“Not yet, friend. If you would accompany me for a short while?” Figuring that I owe this man my life, I followed him. “The video cameras probably caught us and that vamp, and we should probably get rid of the evidence. Come, I know where the control room is.”

I followed him and eventually we came to the control room which surprisingly was unlocked. I walked in with him and we made short talk. I asked about the vamps and his life, but he kept it vague. He typed away at a small computer that had all the video surveillance hooked up to it. He flipped open folder after folder, erasing video feed and replacing it with different ones. He was quick and precise, as if he had done this before. After 10 or 15 minutes, he said he was done. He switched off the computer and it went to the black screen.

Expecting to see our vague and dim reflections, I was confused.

Instead of the image of him sitting in the chair in front of me, and me behind him, it looked like I was alone…

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