March 24th, 2016, was the day the world ended.

FifthWave Ship -1250x680

They had arrived in a large craft, mechanical but slightly organic. They were finally going to inaugurate the plans they had been arranging for thousands of years. They had seen the creatures of this world construct large triangular structures, spread their cultures, and going to war. They had little to no emotions due to their complex brain biology, nor did they have understanding of the concept of ethnic morals or respect for life. The only thing that had driven them this far was their complete disregard for standard scientific ethics and their ruthless amoral technological advancements.

With humanity, they were going to employ their sophisticated grasp of surgical techniques and neuroscience, primarily to learn more about them instead of observing them from a distance.

When they had arrived in geocentric orbit, within an altitude entirely above that of 22,236 miles, the creatures who made the overwhelming population of the planet had taken notice of the large craft. Days, weeks, months had gone by since the arrival. There were riots in the streets, widespread panic had taken place. World governments had taken action, and attempted to make contact with the beings. They did not answer, nor did they respond with a threat. They would begin the operation when the time was right, and they were still making the final preparations.

Preparing a deadly biological weapon that would gradually decimate the population, they released an armada of automated drones supplied with atmospheric instruments, in order to learn more about the planet. They took samples of rain water, salt water, fresh water, chemical compounds, and began developing various prototypes of a viral weapon. Everything would change. Rather than living in the bleak, wet deserts of their original home, the Earth would provide enough resources to last them for thousands of years. They had sailed beyond thousands of stars, just to reach this destination. They viewed the Earth with envious eyes, intolerant of the way humans had treated the planet. When they establish dominance over the planet, they will set out to harvest more resources within the system, and worlds ahead.

Because of this, these beings viewed themselves as this planet's appropriate race, and arranged an operation to begin a colony after they would eliminate the human population. With the biological weapon ripe for use, they unleashed it across the globe. There were hundreds dead in the streets, slowly rotting away under the warm sun. Eventually, the hundreds rose to the thousands, and exceeded to the billions. However, this was viewed as a statistic among these beings, fueled by their apathy to the human race. The only moral support during this onslaught was the complete extermination of this species.

The world was drowned in eternal silence, and replaced with beings of organic matter and mechanical components.

Written by Roboromb
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