This is the SEQUEL to Fancy Meeting You Here, so go read that one first.


This isn't life

This silver scale; I see before my eyes

and Hail the Gods above the sky

Who live beyond my longing Why's

I realize...

So certain I expected you to be

Although this tale is hesitantly told to you from me

So maybe with some confidence--and confidentiality

I will retell the tale I told---to you, and you to me.....

It was one fateful autumn day, this story I recount

The day that I AWAKE, awoke, and such is how I found

That you, to me, were very pleased to learn of how it sounds

When I surprise your dignified attempts to hold your ground.

Again! Again! This story here is worded vague and slipping

I'm sorry friend it seems as though my concentration's dipping,

Forgive me though, you soon will know my feelings plain and gripping

--But understand, I do not wish for this to sound...acquitting

You see, this tale from you to me begins as you should know

You ran away and in the day returned and looked below

And lo, you find that I am gone with nothing left to show-

-my presense there--was ever there. As if it so....

And oh! I do not wish to seem reduntant--as you find

I actually was hiding there and simply out of sight

You lay back on the bed again and put me out of mind

....Turn off the lights, and dim the brights, and wish to me goodnight.


That much you know,

and as I'm sure you're saying know to me

"But why am I in darkness here in this soliloquy?"

You see you're story hasn't ended, as told to you--my friend

It barely is beginning now, in time to say...

....The End

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