Ten years ago they said there was no hope left. Resources were running out, population was skyrocketing, war and crime was spreading; the world was falling apart. Within fifty years, they said, there would be nothing left. We were doomed for destruction and nothing could save us... except there was hope. In our last efforts to save our race, we found a solution.

A concept that was once mocked is now our last chance of survival: a doorway. A doorway to another world, another plane of existence, another plane of being. Some call it a wormhole, others a portal, but to me and my team it is simply a door. Doorways offer new possibilities and paths to take; this doorway is our path to salvation.

Expeditions began almost at once. The world was running out of time so as soon as we had successfully opened the door, we had to begin. Our goal was to find a new and habitable world. What we found was more than perfect for our needs. Beyond the doorway, we found a world much reflecting our own. It was larger than we could have ever hoped for, and an abundance of resources were available. Of course though, there was a catch; it was inhabited. In small pockets across this world, intelligent life existed. This world was perfect, it was as if it was made for us, but it was already taken.

We had no choice though, it was either this new world or the destruction of our race. So we took control; we revealed ourselves to one of the many civilizations of this new world and presented ourselves as gods. They were primitive and believed us. Across the planet, we planted seeds of religion, we helped build monuments, and we crafted the people of this new world. We made them hateful, greedy, and jealous. We made them doomed for destruction. We made them like us.

Now we wait. We wait and watch this world destroy itself, much like we destroyed ourselves, and when there is nothing left, we will move in and take it. This precious world has been named Earth, and soon it it will be ours.

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