220px-WW2 Marine after Eniwetok assault

Thousand Yard Stare

This is a letter home from a Marine in World War 2. It is creepy and just all around weird. I found it in a box full of WW2 memorabilia.

June 24, 1943

Dear Mom and Dad,

It's been almost 2 years since Pearl Harbor was attacked and since then, I've enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. We have been pushing from island to island trying to weed out all of the Japs. It's a hard business, but someone has to do it. We have been under constant fire for nearly 2 weeks on Okinawa since we landed. There's a thing we Marines call the "Thousand-yard Stare;" it's when you've been in battle and seen the cruelty of war. I have it, mom, and it's weird; you zone out and you can see your own death and what's to come. Last week, I saw our sergeant being stabbed to death by a Bonzai attacker in my "trance," and two days later, it actually happened. I also saw how I died; it's gruesome, so I will spare you the details... I love and miss you guys.

See you soon,


Two weeks later, Private First Class Jeremy Postavo was killed by a Japanese Soldier with a bomb vest on. He had this note on him.

Dear to whom it may concern,

I've seen how my great grand-child will die. I don't know why him, but when the time comes, give this to him. I saw great towers burning, two of them... Giant planes flying into them. Maybe the Japs still? I don't know... they will fall, and he will be crushed by steel and the rest of the building. I've also seen how you will die, reader... You with the blonde hair and the brown eyes wearing the blue sweatshirt... don't go to the movies tonight with your friend... just don't.

Head my warning,

Jeremy Postavo

Is this letter true? I don't have blonde hair, but if you match the description... Listen to him; many cases like this happen to veterans. Over 85,000 Vietnam veterans suffered from the Thousand Yard Stare, and they could "see into the future". Beware and take care.

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