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    This is already passed.
    03:01, March 25, 2014

    For the quite the while now, I've had to remind people, some newcomers, some not, that the word "tranny" and any variation of it is a slur. Well, I spoke to Maria, and she told me to put it here.

    Tranny is a slur. It is transphobic and is very offensive to transgender and genderqueer community members. This, if it gains the supports, will be added to the chat rules under "Tranny and any variation of it. (Transphobic)"

    Any variation of it will include:

    • Shemale
    • Ladyboy
    • Bapbok
    • etc.

    This is a serious issue in chat, as the users should not have to be reminded of what is and is not a slur, whether mentioned in the rules or not. This would be more to have it "set in stone", so to speak.

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