• It was a normal day. Me and my friend had been playing Dead island For a couple hours when I heard a zombie laugh "Ho.. Ho.. Ho.." It said. I wondered if i was hearing things. I told my friend about it and said "Did you hear that?" He replied with no and we kept playing. Another hour later my friend asked me the same thing. I also replied with no. Then, we heard "Merry Christmas, dead ones!" And all of the sudden, zombie ELVES started popping up. Me and my friend were beating down as many as we could. Afterwards, all of them were dead. We heard the exact same message. "Merry christmas, dead ones!" and more zombie elves showed up. I asked my friend if he was seeing the elf costumes, but he said they were just going crazy. Then finally, I heard a voice.  "What do you want for christmas?" it said. Then, a little kid's voice went "AHH!!!!" A scream of terror. a chainsaw noise. Then just the sound of flowing blood. Then I heard it.. the creepiest part of all... "Your next" it said. Out of nowhere, a giant zombie santa ran out with a chainsaw. My friend started screaming. I started throwing paddles, axes, wood planks, anything I could at it. The zombie santa cut me and my friend into little pieces. And every time we respawned, the exact same events happened and we died again. There was nothing we could do. Zombie santa is here.. RUN!

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