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    22:25, May 29, 2015

    As many here may know, The Buzz is a PotM winner and phenominal story in and of itself. The original author has been AFK for over a year now and no one can get in touch with him. I, personally, want to see it get the ending it deserves and think another PotM winning author should finish the story either on here or SpinPasta, and if the Original Author returns in the future he can re-write part 3 and we can have his intended ending.

    I just want to see what the community thinks should be done (which is the reason I'm posting this here).

    The rules I'm proposing have it so that anyone who is not a PotM winner should NOT be allowed to write it (for quality control) and if he returns he can COMPLETELY change part 3 as he sees fit since it is his story after all.

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    • I feel like it would be disrespectful to the original author. Although they might be away, they could always come back and finish it, heck, they might even be working on the third part right now. What if they came back to add part 3 only to see it was already done? I'd be pretty upset personally, not only because someone else tried to finish my work for me, but because I'd have to come up with a new name for part 3.

      As someone who read The Buzz and really liked it; I think this is a bad idea. Sometimes in life things don't get finished.

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    • No one is finishing another author's work. It's unethical and nonsensical.

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