• I was there when it first started.It formed out in the middle of a field the night before.It was a sinkhole.Me and a couple of
    kids went to look at it.It was deep.We couldn't see the bottom of it.We wanted to figure out how deep it went so we tossed a couple of rocks in
    and we heard nothing.I put a bunch of bricks in a sturdy garbage bag and dropped it in.We waited there a while and when it seemed like nothing was
    going to happen there was a noise.I want to say that it sounded like a cross between a whale and a train horn but that doesn't perfectly describe
    it.It felt like there was a sense of angst in the sound.I couldn't tell what it was at the time.Before I could dwell on it further someone yelled
    "Hey,get away from there".An old man who lived in the neighborhood ,Mr.Bennet,came and told us to stay away from the hole.

    As he did he looked past us and at the hole.There was a terrified expression on his face.He looked less like he was afraid someone would fall into
    it and more like he had just been caught committing a some terrible deed.As I looked at him I swear I could hear something down there.It was
    definitely humanlike but much heavier.

    Eventually the hole was fenced off.A couple of nights after that happened the noise started.The first night it only lastedĀ  an
    hour.I was asleep when it happened and only found out the next day from a friend.The next night I stayed up late to see if it would
    happen again and it did for two hours.It was more clear then the time before.The next day everyone in the neighborhood was talking about it.People
    though it might be a person trapped down there.An emergency team spent the day trying measure the hole to see if they could get down there.They used
    the longest rope ladders they had and it still wasn't long enough.They shouted down the hole with a megaphone and it had no effect.If someone was
    down there then their moans evidently were of pain and not a cry for help.

    Then after that it started going all day long.Eventally I couldn't get any sleep.I heard
    the noise when I was at school and when I was on the other side of town.It began to sound like sheet metal cutting but somehow it had a
    angry and sad undertone to it.

    I sat outside in my yard looking at the team of people gathered around the hole.They were obviously not from my hometown.They lower ranking ones
    were building a fence with barb wire around it.They really didn't want anyone around the hole.The ones in charge were dressed inĀ  suits.They gave off the
    impression that they were,as silly as it sounds,some sort of men in black.

    I sat there and thought back to the day I had first seen the hole and realized something.I hadn't seen Mr.Bennet since that time near the hole.
    I looked to his house and saw that his car was still there even no one of the few things I knew about him was that he worked all day.Upon taking a
    closer look at his house I noticed something.His front door was cracked open.He never left his door open.He was a very cautious man to the point
    of coming off as paranoid.I had this gut instinct telling me to walk up to his house and ask him about the hole.I sat there for about an hour when
    I worked up the nerve to do it.

    I went up to his door and ringed the doorbell.After no answers and several more rings I peered though the opening in the door.I could see into his
    living room.A TV and his couch were knocked over and a door was on the floor having been evidently torn from it's hinges.I went into his home and
    called out his name well looking around his house.As I did I noticed a fowl rotting odor.I turned my head and saw it was coming from the stairs
    leading to the basement.I walked down the stairs and saw that the basement door was made of metal.It also had dents in it.The knob was bashed off.
    It clearly was forced open.For a second I hesitated.I thought maybe I should go home and that I shouldn't have snooping through someone's house.
    I opened the door anyway.

    I only had it opened for five seconds but that was long enough.There were bodies.I couldn't tell how many because they were in pieces and scattered
    around the floor.In the center of the room was a buzzsaw of some sort.The smell was unbearable.I could smell it even after I left the house.

    The police didn't tell me much about the investigation.I guess they didn't want to traumatize my young mind.I was able to gather enough
    information from the news and gossip from around the school to figure out the gist of it. Mr.bennet was a serial killer.He would bring people,mostly
    homeless people and drifters, to his basement and tear them apart with that buzzsaw I had seen on the table.His location was unknown at the time
    and still is to this day.There was an award for his whereabouts but it's been redrawn and he's been labeled as a low priority target.The FBI and
    police believe he's dead but won't disclose why.

    After that day the sinkhole began to shrink.The sounds coming from it had stopped and every night it would shrink in diameter.Not many people
    seemed to notice as they were more preoccupied with the fact that one of their neighbors was a serial killer.Eventually about a week after it
    appeared it was gone.Our parents didn't want us hanging around the field were it was but we did anyway.There were no traces of the hole.We
    even dug a couple of feet were it was at.Just dirt and rocks.There was one notable change out in the field though.One thing that was now present
    that wasn't there before the hole appeared or for that matter hadn't been there the day I first saw the hole.

    There were ten lines in the ground.They were about an inch deep and lead from the former home of mr.bennet to the edge of where the sinkhole
    once was.

    I somehow know that these were left by him as he tried to resist being pulled down there.

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