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    So if you are familiar with D&D, you might know about the new "Dungeon Master's Guild" that Wizards released sometime ago. Basically it is a place where users can upload there own homebrew content for 5e, and more specifically the Forgotten Realms. So what I am proposing is a Creepypasta related DM's guild, which is more like a group who does the same thing, but may upload content to different sites. We'd discuss making classes, monsters, spells and maybe a few homebrew modules. I do encourage freedom of interpretation and creativity, but I have a few guidelines I suggest following to make it easier for you.

    1. Mostly modern. There are a few good exceptions where a creepypasta isn't set in a contemporary or modern time, and for that you might want to explain why it is an exception.

    2. Focus on one thing at a time. It may be exciting to create a new class or monster, but you have to pace yourself if you don't want to overload your brain. Look up guides on how to create whatever you're doing, and start step by step. If you are experienced with this stuff, I have no need to tell you.

    3. Make sure you are familiar with 5e. This is the edition we'll be using for now, so make sure you understand it enough to at least DM.

    4. Get your stuff play tested. This is like proof reading for homebrewers, if you don't get it play tested, it may not last long on some sites.

    5. Collaborate. You may have a good idea, and others may have good ideas. Sometmes when to good ideas come together, it turns into something great. Afterall, we are in a group.

    6. Have fun. This is D&D, a game. Don't make this a job for yourself, have fun with it! When we finish making good content, we have content to play with, which is pretty damn awesome.

    That being said, I welcome all experiened DMs, newcomers, and people in between to join. Just know there are no "leaders" or "admins" of this group, but we should generally try to have some order within the group. If you have suggestions on sites we can upload/ establish the group or have related questions just leave a comment.

    Here are some guides I found useful:

    For Modern stuff:

    Creating classes:

    Useful channels: (My personal favorite)

    and of course all the authors and creepypasta sites for inspiration.

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